Reading and writing are a feature of most lessons. We place great emphasis on children becoming confident speakers and use every opportunity to develop children’s speaking and listening skills through giving them ownership and purpose of tasks and starting drama activities such as freeze framing, hot seating and role play from Reception class onwards. Our children speak in public, take part in productions and show visitors around school. The children are used to performing in concerts, which are exeptional, and they have a huge talent for performing arts. We have a professional sound system with head microphones and three quarters of the school plays an instrument. We teach English explicitly every morning but we love to explore other genres in other topics and lessons. The children all have an ‘exciting writing’ bookmark. We use these in all lessons so the children know what their individual targets are and can be reminded when needed. This greatly supports their personalised learning. The targets change and evolve all the time as they are achieved and we move on. Teachers write targets for improvement on the individual laminated bookmarks and so do friends-not leaving out the children themselves, who are trained to appraise their own work against clear success criteria. Writing takes the form of pop up books, shape books and lap books.  You can visit www.homeschoolshare.com to see some exciting ways in which to present writing. These might inspire your ‘Learning Logs’ too!

Here are some of our pieces of topic writing:


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