Please click on this link to see tips for children to stay safe online.
E-safety video for young children.


We use PurpleMash in school… Click on our link for E-safety tips and advice.
Watch Hector and his friends learn how to use their computers safely.

With so much online learning-especially at the moment, please ensure you remember to keep safe online. Here is some useful advice and information:

It’s easy for a child to come across harmful content online whether by accident or on purpose. Internet filtering software is your line of defence. Here’s everything you need to know about internet controls in a handy guide, covering router filtering controls, parental software controls, ISP filtering controls and useful recommendations.  Please click the link:


Lots of information to support parents can be found at  They provide online resources and advice to support and help families adjusting to a “new normal” following the measures taken to stop the spread of coronavirus.  This dedicated space provides expert advice, resources and tools to make the best use of tech. On this website, you will find handy leaflets to support you or give you information regarding every area of protecting, raising awareness and supporting children at home:


It is so important that we understand how to keep ourselves safe. We need to keep safe online, whilst we are out and about and help each other to be safe and happy. We have theme weeks eg Anti-Bullyng Week, Black History Month, Water Safety, Road Safety, Stranger Danger, Pantasaurus, Mini-Medics and much more. Parent information evenings are led by children. Have a look at some pictures on our Online Safety and Keeping me Safe section under Kid’s Zone

We are always here to help and we teach keeping safe in a variety of ways throughout our whole school year and in all aspects of our curriculum. Our world is such a wonderful place of diversity and we celebrate this and accept each other. We must be kind to each other and to animals as stewards of creation. Use our hands and voices for doing good. A smile costs nothing and will make someone’s day. If someone isn’t treating you in the way in which you would like to be treated, always tell an adult you trust. If you ever feel unsafe, uncomfortable or worried, speak to a family member you trust or any adult in school.