13th January 2018


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Each time this year the RSPB ask schools to create a Schools Big Bird Watch. The purpose is to gather data on the different species of birds around the UK. Over the last few years, the population of many well-known birds are on the increase. Year 2 Parlick Class, did their part to add to the data and support the different species of birds around school.  The children have had an incredibly busy week, learning about different birds, setting up and completing the big bird watch. The children set up the classroom, creating a window bird hide, as well as searching for birds in the Millennium and around the school grounds.  From measuring, slicing, cutting, creating posters of different birds – the classroom was set up ready. Children also made bird feeders from water bottles, and have placed them around the school grounds. On a weekly basis, the children will continue to fill up the bird feeders and support the local wildlife. The class have ended the week with more knowledge ad appreciation of the local wildlife and the importance of looking after them.

IMG_5061 IMG_5062 IMG_5063 IMG_5065 IMG_5066 IMG_5067 IMG_5071 IMG_5072 IMG_5074 IMG_5075 IMG_5077 IMG_5078 IMG_5082 IMG_5083 IMG_5084 IMG_5057



1st December 2017

The children have really enjoyed their topic work this last week. They have been creating mini-booklets, Power Points, measuring the length of some of the biggest animals in the world and classifying them into their groups. The children are very much aware that spiders are not insects, but trying to say arachnids clearly, is a hard enough task for any adult. The children have bee so happy to show off their understanding to anyone that dares ask – or even give an opinion of animal groups – don’t ever confuse a whale or a dolphin for a fish! “Fish have gills and are cold blooded.” On child kindly told Father Sony. The enthusiasm for learning has been infectious and many adults around school have commented on the enthusiasm of the class.Measuring November 2017 447 Measuring November 2017 448 Measuring November 2017 449 Measuring November 2017 450 Measuring November 2017 445


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Happy practising!



November 2017

Year 2 have been invited by the University of Central Lancashire to form links with a school in Taiwan. The children went along to an art exhibition done by children from the country, based upon their aboriginal community and heritage.  The children got to meet the curator of the exhibition, learning about their future friends and life in Taiwan. The children had a fantastic day and have already created a piece of art to send to their new friends in Taiwan, telling them a little something about themselves. The curator, along with locals from the Taiwan community are due in school in time to send christmas cards to our new friends in Taiwan. What a wonderful opportunity for the children to create links with other children around the other  side of the world!

Harvest UCLAN 092 Harvest UCLAN 089 Harvest UCLAN 087 Harvest UCLAN 084


Children have been developing their understanding of SPaG, with a particular focus on nouns and adjectives for this term. They found many different ‘items’ and ‘places’ around school.

 Harvest UCLAN 019 Harvest UCLAN 018 Harvest UCLAN 015 Harvest UCLAN 014 Harvest UCLAN 013


October 2017

TO HELP OTHERS, AS JESUS TAUGHT US TO: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Mat 7:12

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4th October 2017

What a day the children have had! After a morning at church to celebrate the feast day of St. Francis, where Year 2 took an active part in the offertory procession, supporting Year 2 with the statue of St. Francis, they joined KS2 in all day RE workshops. It is important for the children to learn about the impact Saint Francis has had on the Catholic community. From looking at being stewards of the earth, creating prayers to Saint Francis, signing a pledge to our continued support for the Pope’s Laudato Si and creating hand-prints for our tree display, to show we are the hands of God on earth. The children learnt about what we can do to make the school, community and world a better place. The children were so grown up and asked some incredible questions about the days events. A very successful day in honour of our inspirational Saint.

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Maths More Than Less Than Game Link. Have a go – have fun and learn!

click on the link above to access the website and play the game.

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Year 2 have had a great start to the year. The children have loved performing chapter 3 of, Fantastic Mr Fox. This was followed by a retell of the chapter to create ‘A Fox’s Tail.’ Further pictures to follow.

IMG_2497 IMG_2498 IMG_2499 IMG_2501 IMG_2502 IMG_2503 IMG_2504 IMG_2505


Sept 2017








July 2017


The end of the school year is here, and it has gone bye so fast! The children have been incredible and I have enjoyed every minute. Looking back at the posts from the months gone by, the children have doe so much and had such an enjoyable time in school. The children have moved onto Year 3, prepared for the juniors. They have developed a good grasp of maths and English, and developed lots of art, sport and general knowledge that the creative curriculum gives them. I wanted to say a big thank you to all the parents who have supported the children at many events throughout the school year, as well as all the homework and reading the children do at home. Thank you for all the end of year gifts, they are very special. Good luck in Year 3. Here are a selection of pictures from their time in Year 2.

May 2017 x2 239 May 2017 x2 210 May 2017 x2 208 May 2017 x2 204 May 2017 x2 199 May 2017 x2 187 May 2017 x2 106 May 2017 x2 104 May 2017 x2 103 May 2017 x2 093 May 2017 x2 091 May 2017 x2 090 May 2017 x2 003 May 2017 x2 001

June 14th


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The children are excitingly working on an incredible English/Art/DT project in class – creating a cell from a shoe box ( designed with their own accessories) with a bucket, stone floor and bars from straws. The children are also in the process of designing and sewing  their puppet Mr Toad to go within the cell.  Joining Mr Toad in this cell is a one-hundred year old letter ( that the children have created and tea stained) Mr Toad has written to Ratty in a desperate plea to escape the jail. The children have had so much fun linking their writing to Art/DT – what a great way to learn! More pictures to follow.

pentecost nature maths toad 691 pentecost nature maths toad 690 pentecost nature maths toad 689

4th June 2017


The children have been learning about the coming of the ‘Holy Spirit,’ which is understood as the, ‘beginning of the church.’ The children have been acting out the story and creating some fantastic writing to go onto the RE display ( as you can see from the pictures below.) The children have shown an excellent understanding of the importance the first disciples had in spreading the word of God, and how importance it is for us to be like Jesus and,  ‘treat others as we like to be treated.’

pentecost nature maths toad 707 pentecost nature maths toad 706 pentecost nature maths toad 705 pentecost nature maths toad 704 pentecost nature maths toad 703 pentecost nature maths toad 702 pentecost nature maths toad 701 pentecost nature maths toad 700 pentecost nature maths toad 699 pentecost nature maths toad 698 pentecost nature maths toad 697

pentecost nature maths toad 721 pentecost nature maths toad 720 pentecost nature maths toad 719 pentecost nature maths toad 718 pentecost nature maths toad 717 pentecost nature maths toad 716 pentecost nature maths toad 715 pentecost nature maths toad 714 pentecost nature maths toad 713 pentecost nature maths toad 712 pentecost nature maths toad 711 pentecost nature maths toad 710 pentecost nature maths toad 709 pentecost nature maths toad 708

25th May


Year 2 took an exciting trip down Ford Lane this week, investigating the art work you can get from water. The children have been investigating the ripples and reflections in the water – what better way of doing this, than going on a nature walk to the ford and the stream. The children worked in small groups to create their own masterpiece. Luckily, the weather was fantastic, for a fantastic group of children. I am very proud of the excellent young people they are becoming. It is a pleasure to spend this time with them.

pentecost nature maths toad 674 pentecost nature maths toad 673 pentecost nature maths toad 672 pentecost nature maths toad 669 pentecost nature maths toad 668 pentecost nature maths toad 667 pentecost nature maths toad 666 pentecost nature maths toad 665 pentecost nature maths toad 664 pentecost nature maths toad 663 pentecost nature maths toad 662 pentecost nature maths toad 661 pentecost nature maths toad 660 pentecost nature maths toad 659 pentecost nature maths toad 658 pentecost nature maths toad 657 pentecost nature maths toad 656 pentecost nature maths toad 655 pentecost nature maths toad 654



Following the investigation of finding wild homes for animals – the children were keen to go out there with ‘pooters’ in hand to find MINI-BEASTS! Searching high and low, armed with tally tick lists, with pictures of mini-beasts and pooters – the children set about the ‘Wild Wood’ to what hat they could find. The children found a host of different beasts; from millipedes to worms -the children had a great time investigating.

We were quite surprised at how easy it was for the children to find so many little creatures. We were most successful in the moist areas of the woods, usually, under rocks and tyres. This has helped set up a science experiment to determine the types of materials mini-beasts prefer, as a hiding place. We will leave the different materials out for a period of two weeks – to come back to – to investigate.


May 2017 outdoors 025 May 2017 outdoors 024 May 2017 outdoors 023 May 2017 outdoors 022 May 2017 outdoors 021 May 2017 outdoors 020 May 2017 outdoors 019 May 2017 outdoors 018 May 2017 outdoors 017 May 2017 outdoors 016 May 2017 outdoors 015 May 2017 outdoors 014 May 2017 outdoors 013 May 2017 outdoors 012 May 2017 outdoors 011 May 2017 outdoors 010 May 2017 outdoors 009 May 2017 outdoors 008 May 2017 outdoors 007 May 2017 outdoors 006 May 2017 outdoors 005 May 2017 outdoors 004 May 2017 outdoors 003 May 2017 outdoors 002 May 2017 outdoors 001

10th May


The children are enjoying their topic, ‘The Wind in the Willow’. The famous book is fast becoming a huge hit inside and outside the classroom. The children have been investigating the ‘Wild Wood’ at St Francis,  in the search for natural homes for animals in our local environment. The children found many clues that  there is plenty of wildlife in our very own ‘Wild Millennium Wood.’ From animal droppings to nests – it was a  great afternoon of investigating.

Wind in the willows 431 Wind in the willows 430 Wind in the willows 429 Wind in the willows 428 Wind in the willows 427 Wind in the willows 426 Wind in the willows 425 Wind in the willows 424 Wind in the willows 423 Wind in the willows 422 Wind in the willows 421 Wind in the willows 420 Wind in the willows 419 Wind in the willows 418 Wind in the willows 417 Wind in the willows 416 Wind in the willows 415 Wind in the willows 414 Wind in the willows 413 Wind in the willows 411

24th April 2017


Click this link to watch the short film, ‘La Luna.’

Children have enjoyed writing about the Disney, Pixar short film La Luna. A fantasy story about a young boy and his first day at work with his family. The children were set the task of creating ‘expanded noun phrases,’ with a focus on using emotive language in the form of a diary.  They have produced some fantastic diary entries, looking at the perspective of the young boy. The children in Year 2 love writing and being creative with their words.


The theme for Year 2 Science Week was ‘The Senses’. Learning about themselves, their own bodies, comparing them to that of a host of different animals has led to some very interesting science investigations this week. From the ‘Jelly bean Taste Test,’ Identify This Sound,’ and ‘The Box Game,’ children have enjoyed investigating and learning new things. The children found out just how important our senses our and having these senses make us aware of the world around us. We also found that that bees smell with their feet; how strange! 

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Science Week 081 Science Week 080 Science Week 079 Science Week 078 Science Week 077 Science Week 076 Science Week 075 Science Week 074 Science Week 073 Science Week 072 Science Week 071 Science Week 070 Science Week 069 Science Week 067 Science Week 066 Science Week 065 Science Week 064 Science Week 063 Science Week 062 Science Week 061 Science Week 060 Science Week 059 Science Week 058 Science Week 057



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The children have really enjoyed the Plant topic. We have started by labeling and investigating different types of plants. This has included being able to dissect a daffodil ( donated from my kitchen). The children came up with a range of interesting adjectives to describe the texture, smell and what they had observed. With so much greenary surrounding school, sometimes it can be easy to appreciate God’s beautiful world. The children really enjoy being at one with nature. The children have decided they would like another investigation around the school and local area to compare the plants and wildlife they found in September, to what they can find at the start of Spring. 

Plant Investigation Feb 2017 206 Plant Investigation Feb 2017 205 Plant Investigation Feb 2017 204 Plant Investigation Feb 2017 203 Plant Investigation Feb 2017 202



The children put their and my binoculars to good use this week, during the the school’s big bird watch. As part of a nationwide survey into the protection of British birds, Year 2 did their bit to support the survey. Having a bird watch window in school has helped support the childrens’ learning over the last month or so – in preparation for the big event. The children spent one hour observing birds around school, observing from the classroom and the cottage. This then included recording their observing with the use of an Excel spreadsheet. The knowledge the children now have of garden birds is astounding. We spotted over 150 birds in total, including a large murmuration of starlings and we were treated to watching a kestrel mid-hunt over Father’s garden. Here a large selection of pictures of the exciting day the children had.

Feb 2017 bird feeder 095 Feb 2017 bird feeder 094 Feb 2017 bird feeder 093 Feb 2017 bird feeder 096 Feb 2017 bird feeder 071 Feb 2017 bird feeder 072 Feb 2017 bird feeder 077Feb 2017 bird feeder 010Feb 2017 bird feeder 009Feb 2017 bird feeder 059Feb 2017 bird feeder 058Feb 2017 bird feeder 053Feb 2017 bird feeder 050Feb 2017 bird feeder 049Feb 2017 bird feeder 048Feb 2017 bird feeder 047



Today the children created bird feeders in preparation for the up-coming BIG BIRD WATCH! We have recycled used milk bottles, searched for strong twigs and then individualised our feeders with pictures. The children then selected the best place for their feeder, based upon the observations we have done of the birds around school. The children are excited at the prospect of undertaking a BIG BIRD WATCH in class this week. 

Feb 2017 bird feeder 049 Feb 2017 bird feeder 050Feb 2017 bird feeder 002Feb 2017 bird feeder 001Feb 2017 bird feeder 080Feb 2017 bird feeder 079Feb 2017 bird feeder 055Feb 2017 bird feeder 052Feb 2017 bird feeder 051Feb 2017 bird feeder 043Feb 2017 bird feeder 042Feb 2017 bird feeder 041Feb 2017 bird feeder 040Feb 2017 bird feeder 039Feb 2017 bird feeder 038Feb 2017 bird feeder 036Feb 2017 bird feeder 026Feb 2017 bird feeder 019Feb 2017 bird feeder 018Feb 2017 bird feeder 017Feb 2017 bird feeder 016Feb 2017 bird feeder 015Feb 2017 bird feeder 013Feb 2017 bird feeder 012Feb 2017 bird feeder 011Feb 2017 bird feeder 008Feb 2017 bird feeder 007Feb 2017 bird feeder 006Feb 2017 bird feeder 005Feb 2017 bird feeder 004Feb 2017 bird feeder 003



Following the incredible ‘Big Write,’ the children have created layered rainforest pictures featuring a majestic hand drawn tiger, in the foreground, in the style of Henri Rousseau. It has been great to see so many parents popping into the classroom with their children to have a look at the art display. The children are very proud of their accomplishments! Well done everybody! 

Fractions and Tiger Art 032 Fractions and Tiger Art 033 Fractions and Tiger Art 034 Fractions and Tiger Art 035 Fractions and Tiger Art 036 Fractions and Tiger Art 037 Fractions and Tiger Art 038 Fractions and Tiger Art 039 Fractions and Tiger Art 040 Fractions and Tiger Art 043 Fractions and Tiger Art 044 Fractions and Tiger Art 045 Fractions and Tiger Art 04622.01.17


Parlick Class have been demonstrating their writing this week and next, as they have been taking part in a special writing competition. The story is based upon this video below. The challenge for the children is to a write a 500 word story on what happens next in the video.

We have had some incredible ideas from the children whilst they have been planning their writing. We have had a mix of fantasy type stories, along with stories that link to the children’s favourite books, such as; The Tiger, that came to tea. The children have demonstrated some fantastic vocabulary, and use of drama and dialogue.  I the children and I look forward to completing the final pieces of writing this week. The competition winner receives £500 worth of book tokens for their school, but the real winners are the tigers. The incentive, set by the WWF is to raise awareness of the impending doom of the tiger.  With less than 4000 tigers left in the wild, Parlick Class are doing their bit to take part and raise awareness. – Check out the website for  information.



Frankie Rossall taking charge of a game of times table bingo! Whenever it is raining or too icy at break/lunch times, ever wondered what the children get up to? It often involves reading or colouring – but recently Mr. Rossall has been leading mathematical bingo, with the whole class. As part of the incentive to become Times Table Ninjas, the children have found their own ways to practise, at break times. It is great to see the children working collaboratively, supporting each others learning in their own time. Keep it up Year 2!

December 2016 100 December 2016 099 December 2016 098 December 2016 097 December 2016 096



Miss Deakin had a morning to remember, courtesy of Parlick Class. After creating a potion, influenced by that of the class novel, Roald Dahl’s, ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine,’ the children invited Miss Deakin to the classroom to test the potent potion. After feeling a little unwell over the course of the week, she was the perfect candidate for the potion. The children have been learning about the dangers of medicine, looking at who gives us medicines and for what reasons. The children, along with Miss Deakin, knew the potion was in fact a Red Bull energy drink. But, the children had both fun creating their own medicines and then delivering the placebo to Miss Deakin.

December 2016 093 December 2016 092 December 2016 091 December 2016 090 December 2016 088 December 2016 087




The children really enjoyed taking part in their ‘Sparkle’ Christmas play. They performed exceptionally well. Miss Cheetham and I were really proud of their singing, performing and entertainment. It was great to hear such lovely feedback from parents. The children listened so well throughout rehearsals and worked exceptionally hard, to making it  such a wonderful performance. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures and the video that students from Cardinal Newman College have created for the play. As soon as the school receives information about the finished video and photographs we will let you know. Thank you to all the parents and and grandparents who came to watch and who helped make any costumes – it is much appreciated. A big thank you also to Mrs. Stanley, who spent many an hour creating costumes for the children. All in all, a great day for the children!




Image result for sparkle nativity play



For our new topic, the children have been investigating how the body grows at different rates and how we are all very different. The children investigated, ‘The taller you are, the bigger your feet.’ The children worked in pairs to measure their height, and worked together to measure the size of their feet. They then arranged themselves in height order, followed by foot order. Here the children observed their’s and each other’s movements. Here they came to the conclusion, that just because you are tall, doesn’t mean you have bigger feet.

november-2016-058 november-2016-076 november-2016-074 november-2016-073 november-2016-072 november-2016-071 november-2016-069 november-2016-068 november-2016-065 november-2016-063 november-2016-062 november-2016-061 november-2016-060



To link to our new topic, FIGHTING FIT! the children have will read ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine.’  The children got their first look at the blurb and front cover. We then brainstormed what they think the book would be about.

remembrance-087 remembrance-085 remembrance-084


PC Banks came into school this week to teach the children the importance of road safety. The children had lots of knowledge to share with PC Banks, who was very impressed with their knowledge. The children got to try out the brand new BMW’s, taking them for a drive around the school hall. The children loved the experience, as you can see from the pictures!

october-25-part-2-011 october-25-part-2-010 october-25-part-2-009 october-25-part-2-008 october-25-part-2-007 october-25-part-2-006 october-25-part-2-005 october-25-part-2-004 october-25-part-2-003 october-25-part-2-002



This week, Father Smith came into school to talk about his time here as a youngster. Having moved to the area from a young age, Father Smith attended St Francis Catholic Primary School as a young child. We were treated to pictures of the school whilst Father attended the school. Father also searched the archives to find pictures of the school as far back as 1918. A big thank you to Father for giving up his time to give the children some insight into what their school was like 50 years ago. We then used the pictures of the school that Father had given us and compared them to what the school looks like today.

october-2016-080 october-2016-079 october-2016-078 october-2016-077 october-2016-076 october-2016-075 october-2016-074 october-2016-073 october-2016-072 october-2016-071 october-2016-070 october-2016-069


november-2016-014 november-2016-013 november-2016-012 november-2016-011 november-2016-010 november-2016-009 november-2016-008 november-2016-007 november-2016-006 november-2016-005 november-2016-004 november-2016-003 november-2016-002



Chapter 21 – ‘A Fox’s Tail/Tale. Here the children are using inspiration from the book and the film to come up a brand new chapter, where Mr Fox gets his tail back!

november-2016-038 november-2016-037 november-2016-036 november-2016-035 november-2016-034 november-2016-033 november-2016-032



The children in Year 2 have been busy acting out and creating a new chapter to the book, ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox!’ With the book coming to an end, I discussed with the children, what they think might happen next. This led to many different engaging ideas, where Mr Fox would GET HIS TAIL BACK! The children then created a chapter 21, titled, ‘A Fox’s’ Tail/Tale’. Too go with the tail writing theme,  the children have created wonderful fox and badger puppets, to support their story telling.

24th-oct-018 24th-oct-017 24th-oct-012 24th-oct-010 24th-oct-008 24th-oct-007 24th-oct-006 24th-oct-005 24th-oct-004 24th-oct-003



Care for nature and the environment!

The children have created a bird hide area in the classroom, observing our bird feeder in the school grounds. The children enjoyed finding and describing a range of different garden birds in the gardens. We also observed the resident collared doves and watched as a kestrel hovered over the church. It is great to see the children take such an interest and learn about their local environment and wildlife.

november-2016-042 november-2016-041 november-2016-040 november-2016-039



“Mr. Gilmour, this has been the best day at school ever!” The words that every teacher wants to hear. The way for children to learn is for them to enjoy learning!

The children spent the afternoon in our beautiful Millennium Walk exploring their local environment to link in with our topic ‘Where We Live.’ The children learnt about all the natural objects that grow in our environment. We then used our natural objects to create an art picture based upon an animal you would find in our local environment. Many pieces of artwork were heavily influenced the class reader, ‘Fantastic Mr.Fox,’ by Roald Dahl. Have a look at the pictures below to see the activity and pieces of artwork. The children and I were extremely proud of the artwork created; what a creative group of children!

october-2016-038 october-2016-037 october-2016-036 october-2016-035 october-2016-034 october-2016-033 october-2016-032 october-2016-031 october-2016-030 october-2016-029 october-2016-028 october-2016-027 october-2016-026 october-2016-025 october-2016-024 october-2016-023 october-2016-022 october-2016-021 october-2016-020 october-2016-019 october-2016-018 october-2016-017


The Pilgrim Statue arrived in school this week after a lovely hand-over assembly with Alston Lane Primary School. Each class had the opportunity to meet the statue, discuss it and create a piece of work. In Year 2, we did observational drawings focusing on the actions of the hands that represent God’s love or us; what a fantastic job they did!

year-2-oct-3rd-079 year-2-oct-3rd-078 year-2-oct-3rd-077 year-2-oct-3rd-076 year-2-oct-3rd-075 year-2-oct-3rd-074


The Wildlife monitors were busy this week filling up the new bird-feeders in Father’s garden.  Father even came out to give the children a hand. The children in Year 2 are keen to develop the wildlife in Our Local Area ( linking to our topic) in preparation for the Big Bird Watch to come next term. The knowledge of the local birds and trees is rapidly developing.

october-2016-059 october-2016-046 october-2016-047 october-2016-048 october-2016-049 october-2016-050 october-2016-051 october-2016-052 october-2016-053 october-2016-054 october-2016-055 october-2016-058 october-2016-060

An exciting week of drama and music!


The children have enjoyed re-enacting the story of baby Moses and looking at why Jesus chose his special people. They had lots of fun dressing up and performing. Following this the children confidently retold the story in their RE books and gave their opinions on the story. In preparation to play at St Francis’ mass next week, the children got their first look at glockenspiels with Mr Severyn.

img_1832 img_1833 img_1834 img_1835 img_1836 img_1837 img_1838 img_1839 img_1840 img_1841 img_1842 img_1843 img_1844 img_1845 img_1846 img_1847 img_1848 img_1849 img_1850 img_1851 img_1852 img_1853 img_1854

year-2-week3-080 year-2-week3-077 year-2-week3-074 year-2-week3-073 year-2-week3-072 year-2-week3-071 year-2-week3-070 year-2-week3-069 year-2-week3-068 year-2-week3-067



The children of Year 2 are starting to settle in nicely to the new classroom. To be told everyday that they ‘want to stay in class’ and ‘really enjoy learning’ is proof in itself.  The children have continued to learn about adventures of Mr Fox and his family, they have shown excellent understanding and some inspired writing. They are also getting to grips with classifying nouns, adjectives and verbs.The children have been demonstrating and developing their understanding of number and place value through playing Maths games.

img_1815 img_1829 img_1830 img_1814

The children have also collaboratively created a giant collaged hand to represent their Pope Francis ‘5 finger prayers’. The children then went on to display their prayers and lead a class liturgy session with the focus being the ‘5 finger art work.’

img_1817 img_1816


year-2-week3-050 year-2-week3-047 year-2-week3-044 year-2-week3-041 year-2-week3-039 year-2-week3-038 year-2-week3-036 year-2-week3-032 year-2-week3-022



Every Monday this term, the children will receive specialist tennis coaching. To not only support their coordination, balance and agility, as well as having fun – the children might even find a hobby for the future!

img_1762 img_1763 img_1764 img_1765 img_1766 img_1767 img_1768 img_1769 img_1770 img_1771 img_1772 img_1773 img_1774 img_1778 img_1779 img_1780 img_1781 img_1782 img_1783 img_1784 img_1785 img_1786 img_1787 img_1788 img_1789 img_1790 img_1791



It’s that time of year again when Harold comes to school to meet the children and teach them valuable life skills. The children love to meet him – Year 2 were no different. They particularly like the night sky in the van – something the children have requested for our new classroom! That would be very nice.


img_3192 img_3193 img_3194 img_3195 img_3196 img_3197 img_3198 img_3199 img_3200 img_3201 img_3202



The sun came out as Year 2 explored their local environment. We investigated the man-made and natural features within our local environment. We found a range of animals and plants, along with the neighbouring people and  a post-man! The children enjoyed traipsing through the muddy field, crossing the ford bridge and meeting Charlie the dog. For some children this was their first venture beyond the Millennium and through the kissing gate onto the public path.

img_1818img_1820img_1823img_1801img_1807 img_1806 img_1805 img_1804 img_1803 img_1802 img_1797 img_1796 img_1795 img_1794 img_1790 img_1788 img_1784 img_1777 img_1775 img_1771 img_1769 img_1767 img_1765 img_1763 img_1762 img_1760 img_1758



curriculum-map-template – click on the link






7th September 2016 – Mr Gilmour has been working very hard over the holidays to create a new classroom for Year 2! We have an incredible discover area and learning walls ready for all the wonder work the children will produce.

Can you reach for the stars and get to gold?

Can you complete the math challenges?

Will your table be table of the week?

Have you got work to ‘bee’ proud of?

img_86601 img_86591 img_86581 img_86561 img_86551 img_86541 img_86641 img_86521 img_86531 img_86661

Police Road Safety


We had a lovely visit from two policemen today. They taught us about how to stay safe  when we are in and around cars. We must always hold an adult’s hand when we are walking around cars, and we must never forget to buckle our seatbelt and sit nicely when going somewhere in the car! We even got the chance to drive some cars and watch out carefully for traffic lights.

IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1433 IMG_1434 IMG_1435 IMG_1439 IMG_1443 IMG_1446 IMG_1440 IMG_1442 IMG_1448 IMG_1449 IMG_1451 IMG_1453 IMG_1454 IMG_1460 IMG_1462 IMG_1463 IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1472 IMG_1474 IMG_1480 IMG_1481 IMG_1482 IMG_1490 IMG_1484 IMG_1489 IMG_1497 IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1492 IMG_1500 IMG_1501 IMG_1502 IMG_1504 IMG_1507 IMG_1511 IMG_1512

Wild Boar Park


Parlick went on a wonderful school trip to Bowland Wild Boar Park. We learned about lots of different animals and had a brilliant time interacting with them.


First of all we held some chicks. They were so soft and cuddly, that it was hard to give them back!


We then gave the lambs some milk and they quickly drank the contents. Although they were young, the lambs were strong, so we had to hold on tight.


Next, we went for a wonderful walk around the park area, and learned about boars, wallabies, and goats. We also learned about Geoff Whitley, the artist who created the wood sculptures.



After lunch we went on another wonderful walk, and met meerkats, pigs, and even reindeer!


We went for an exciting tractor ride. It was quite bumpy!

IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1391 IMG_1395 IMG_1396 IMG_1399


Finally we went to the playground and had lots of fun on the swings and rope slide. What a great day!



Tending to our vegetable patch…

Phoebe’s grandad is very kindly helping us to grow vegetables. We have planted some potatoes, carrots, cabbages and onions. We have tomato plants too. We also have apple trees in our Millennuim walk… How exciting!


IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0642 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0673 IMG_0674 IMG_0678 IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0684 IMG_0685 IMG_0686

Parlick meet some day old ducklings…

HOW EXCITING? Parlick enjoyed meeting some day old ducklings this morning. They were so excited. We had 15 cheeky and adventurous  ducklings. We noticed the difference between our chicks and the ducklings. Take a look at the photos…

IMG_0987 IMG_0988 IMG_0989 IMG_0990 IMG_0991 IMG_0992 IMG_0993 IMG_0995 IMG_0996 IMG_0997 IMG_0998 IMG_0999 IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004 IMG_1005 IMG_0986 IMG_0985 IMG_0976 IMG_0977 IMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0979 IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_0983 IMG_0984 IMG_0975 IMG_0974 IMG_0973 IMG_0972 IMG_0971 IMG_0970 IMG_0969 IMG_0968 IMG_0967 IMG_0965

A very busy half term!

Our topic is ‘Wind in the Willows’ and what fun we are having. The children have been writing their own stories, searching for the characters in our Millennium Walk and finding tiny doors, which are entrances to magical worlds when opened.

IMG_0989 IMG_0983 IMG_0981 IMG_0976 IMG_0937 IMG_0966 IMG_0967 IMG_0968 IMG_0972 IMG_0833 IMG_0832 IMG_0827 IMG_0824 IMG_0750


Alien words or real words?-Test yourself with these phonics screening check powerpoints…

Children in Year 1 will have their phonic knowledge tested in June. They will be given 40 words to read-some are ‘real’ words and others are ‘alien words’ that need to be read phonetically as they sound eg. yomp, quarder or urp. The above powerpoints are colourful and fun and contain a variety of typical phonics screeing example words. Just click on the links above and click to read each new word.


Being able to read the high frequency words is vital in your child becoming a successful reader. It may take longer for some children to learn to recognise these and read them on sight but just a few minutes a day can really support your child in this area. You could make pairs or snap games by taking a few words a week until your child recognises them. Then, take a few more to add to the bank of words they know. You could buy a couple of cheap fly swats, shout a word out and your child has to swat the word before you do. You can write the words anywhere-in mud using sticks, shaving foam, flour on a surface etc. Keep repeating this process until your child can confidently read them all. Little but often always helps. Click on the link below for you to download the words in the order they come.


Useful Websites

Have a go at some of the online games under ‘Useful Websites’on our homepage. The children are working so hard in class and are a credit to you all. Children in Year 1 will be taking their phonics screening check in June and you can support their phonics development by playing games on the phonics play website. You can visit the Letters and Sounds website for activities by looking under our curriculum area where you can click on ‘ Reading and Phonics.’

Children in Year 2 will be undertaking a new Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test. I have put a video that explains the new tests under ‘News’ for you to look at.

Continue to read and spell the high frequency words and read each day. You will find all of the Year group expectation for Maths and all subjects under our Curriculum section. It shows you what your child is expected to be able to do in each year group.

I will put classroom pictures of work on this page next week and also pictures of our Science and Engineering Week! Our Stations of the Cross are beautiful and we can’t wait to show you them soon.

Reports will be coming home at the end of this half term with new targets for you to work on over the Easter break.

Palm Liturgy

Please don’t forget about out Palm Liturgy service next Thursday at 2.30pm in Church. The children are singing, acting and reading parts. They sound amazing and really make the story come alive.

IMG_0903 IMG_0893 IMG_0901 IMG_0900 IMG_0898 IMG_0897 IMG_0894 IMG_0895


Science and Engineeing Week 14/3/16

The life cycle of a chicken…

Catherine Yarwood, the very kind lady, who is going to be lending school the equipment to hatch our very own Bantum chickens has been into school to do a talk.

The children had lots of fantastic questions and were eager to find out as much as they could, to increase their knowledge, to help and look after our chicks. We saw a video of a chicken trying to hatch and we saw an unltrasound of a chicken in an egg. We will be able to do this on our eggs. We also met teo Bantum chickens and they were very good and let us hold them…

Meet… Zazu and Clio…

IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0869 IMG_0870 IMG_0878 IMG_0879 IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0883 IMG_0891

World Book day 2016

IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703 IMG_0704 IMG_0705 IMG_0706



Art and ICT

Parlick have been looking at cherry blossom trees. In China, they are seen as a symbol of new beginnings. We went outside to look carefully at the shape of trees, and sketched what we saw. The children have linked their amazing art skills with their fantastic ICT skills and created some cherry blossom trees of their own using the Ipads.

IMG_0745 IMG_0749 IMG_0771

IMG_0767 IMG_0768 IMG_0764IMG_0763IMG_0764

The children have been learning about esafety and you can find helpful websites to support this at home by clicking on our parents info area and scrolling down to esafety. The children use laptops to enhance their computing skills and after the half term will be using bee bots and I pads for coding skills. The laptops will be used for the children to go on espresso and Purple Mash and we will send you information in the Learning Logs to let you know how you can support the new computing curriculum at home.

‘Born in a Barn’…

Key stage 1 put on a fantastic nativity called ‘Born in a barn’ … They had lots of fun learning the lines and songs. The children’s confidence shone through and they made everyone proud.

DSCF3176 DSCF3175 DSCF3174 DSCF3172 DSCF3173 DSCF3170 DSCF3169 DSCF3171 DSCF3168 DSCF3167 DSCF3166 DSCF3160 DSCF3161 DSCF3162 DSCF3163 DSCF3164 DSCF3165 DSCF3159 DSCF3157 DSCF3156 DSCF3155 DSCF3154


Our Exciting writing… We have made Robins.


Nature walk!!! Searching for snowdrops for our topic ‘Green fingers and growth’



Learning about weight in maths…





This half term our topic has been ‘Fire, Fire!’. We have been learning all about the fire of London and have made some amazing fire-breathing dragons!

IMG_1573       IMG_1574

Do you like our reindeer Christmas cards?