Maths in the real world

At St.Francis’ we believe that maths is a cross curricular and creative subject where children learn best in the real world. Maths is taught every morning as an explicit subject but skills are used, applied and revised in the afternoon sessions such as PE, Science and topic work.

Here are some pictures of our Maths in other subjects:

IMG_2113Timing competions and ordinal numbers

IMG_0913Science experiments measuring speeds and length

IMG_0827Using ICT graphs and sound loggers to undertake sound experiments in class and around school

IMG_1035Using our outdoor abacus to calculate

IMG_3500Days, weeks and hours in science experiments

IMG_1089Handling money and giving change at our Fairtrade stall

IMG_3562Creating and reading graphs in ICT lessons


IMG_3433More measurements in experiments


FullSizeRender[15]Investigating magnets!

IMG_1729Making our own play dough and food

IMG_0939Fractions outdoors

IMG_0581Snakes and ladders at playtime

IMG_0654Numbers all around

IMG_0551Problem solving in chess club

IMG_0556In PE lessons-long jump investigations

IMG_1830Metre stick measuring rocket explosions

IMG_1273Making puppets


IMG_0703Recreating stone henge to appreciate size

IMG_1089Interpreting results



Please see our Curriculum coverage for each year group