”Would you like to come to my house tomorrow to watch ‘Tractor Ted’ DVDs?”

I have found that the week has been blessed with very comical conversations. You have to take these conversations very seriously when dealing with 2 and 3 year old children because their exciting world is full of new adventures and first time learning. When I sat in Pre-School, I realised that I would give ‘Tractor Ted’ preference over many weekend jobs! Unfortunately, I am busy this weekend but I have a stand in-who happens to be the next best thing-another 3 year old, who expressed his love of ‘Tractor Ted.’

We have welcomed some new and very wonderful children into our school family this term and they are an absolute pleasure to have in school. Their smiles and exciting conversations are endearing and we are very pleased they have joined us.

The school week has been brilliant. Yesterday, we had a visit from a gentleman named Alan Whelan. He has travelled the world on a motorbike and is building a school in Kenya. He showed the whole school a powerpoint presentation of his travels in Kenya and we are delighted that we will have links with the children there. I will keep you all posted.

The new trim trail is firmly in place and work will begin next week to fit the rubber mulch surfacing in order for the children to play on the trim trail all year round. We are very pleased with the Willow Dome area as it has now been trimmed and that too will have a rubber mulch surface.

With so many positive activities in school, I regret to inform you all that Mrs McDade has broken her hip. We wish her a speedy recovery and send her our love. Miss Wallace will be working in school on a Monday and Tuesday all day and a Wednesday morning to support in the infant department and we welcome Mrs Blair back to our staff team, working in Beacon Class.

There are many things to look forward to this half term and we are truly blessed and thankful to have the opportunities we have. Our school continues to be a family of love, care and support underpinned by the Gospel Values. We are all here for each other and it is through working together that we achieve happiness and success. The children remain central to all decision making as we strive to provide them all with the very best care and education.

Have a wonderful weekend.