Where to begin?

We have had some fantastic developments in school this week. On Friday, we had two new CTouch screens installed in Fairsnape and Beacon class. Mrs Kerr and Mr Gilmor are delighted! These have replaced our old whiteboards and they are fantastic. The other classrooms will be fitted with this new technology soon. Miss Stewart has been very busy on chicken duty and has organised not only eggs to be hatched in school but also a scanning machine to enable children to see what is going on inside the eggs! We can’t wait to have the chickens. These will be homed next to the Willow Dome area.

Each year group has chosen two Stations of the Cross to recreate as a 3D piece of art work. They look absolutely incredible. We will display them in Church over the Easter period and then put them on the walls in our school entrance area. Speaking of displays, Mrs Riley and Miss Stewart spent much of their time last week on creating a new Sports Board. We have information there of all the clubs we offer and celebrate our school sporting success. Have a look if you get the chance to pop in. We have also created a new music display in the school hall, where we celebrate musician of the week. It was very handy to have had the new CTouch boards put in the junior classrooms as the fitters also did a few odd jobs around school which relyed on the use of a very powerful electric drill!

We have been preparing for Science and Engineering Week, which begins on Moday and the Palm Liturgy preparations are going well. Please do come to the infant Palm Liturgy. It will last about half an hour and is a retelling of Palm Sunday with many songs in between. The children have parts to read and some children are acting the story.

I look forward to next week and do hope to see all of the infant children tomorrow at Mass where they will be giving you all a preview of our Palm Liturgy songs.

Have a lovely weekend everybody.