Wear it Wild Day IMovie…

This week has been great. The children are so helpful and they never cease to amaze me with their initiative and care for others. When I look onto the playground at break times, I see many older children interacting with and being great role models for our younger children. Today has been ‘Wear it Wild Day’ and our children were very keen to make an IMovie to mark this exciting day.

Armed with an iPad and great leadership skills, a small group of children organised others to create this fantastic movie to sum up our great day. Many of you know that I am a huge animal lover and I am so pleased that the children in our CAFOD club wanted to get on board with this super initiative. The children looked great. I on the other hand didn’t-not in comparison to Miss Stewart, who I think was horrified when she saw how other staff had more ‘casual’ efforts. The giant frog costume was indeed ‘giant’ and she was indeed very hot throughout the day! She would win first prize in any dressing up contest.

Last week, we had our PE screen installed and the song ‘Que  Sera  Sera’ stills echoes in my head!

That was the song the installer sang as he connected the wires under my desk 6 hours later from when the work began at 8.30am. Whatever will be will be? Now, I happen to have seen many Doris Day films and I do love the song- however, the electricians had been in and out of my office for 6 hours. One of whom had a very eclectic mix of repertoire. The two men had come from Liverpool to install our curriculum enhancement and I don’t think I have every been in a close space for hours with a person who sings without much rest. I was so excited for the children to have the outdoor resource installed by lunch time that I sometimes found myself humming along to the man as I worked in my office.
It was quite pleasant up until a point! Five hours later and my patience for song was dwindling and I had just about  had enough after 6 hours. The installers payed such attention to detail and ensured we were completely satisfied that I cannot fault the service at all. I think we sometimes get used to our personal space and have a need for stillness-one thing we don’t get enough of.
On the Friday evening, we went to Lancaster Cathedral for the annual education mass and Bishop Michael spoke about St. Bruno. St.Bruno loved stillness and time for quiet reflection.  Mr. Gilmour and I had been to the Catholic shop at Ingol to gather some resources for prayer bags to aid stillness and reflection so it was quite a coincidence that this was a topic that Bishop Michael had spoken about.  Each class now has a prayer bag filled with different resources to aid praying and stillness as a family and these are given out on a Friday and brought back into school on a Wednesday. We do hope you enjoy sharing time for prayer together.
As I write this blog, our children are coming back to school for the disco. Our PTFA have again worked so hard behind the scenes to give the children a real treat. Thank you to all. Team efforts are very much appreciated. We learned about St.Teresa Martin, who did little things with great love and we celebrated ‘Little Way Week’ on our mission to make a difference by our little acts of kindness.  Many people involved in our school and wider community support St.Francis’ by the frequent little acts of kindness and they really do make a difference.
We are all very excited to see our children shine in the music showcase concert next Friday at 10.30am. You are all most welcome to join us.
Have a lovely weekend.