We have made a great start to our Spring term. In a huge event, at the City of Preston Gymnastics Centre, close to 200 gymnasts were present, with the competition lasted close to six hours, with some of the biggest schools in Preston taking part. St Francis were represented by two girl teams and one boy team (made up of Amy Peacock, Gracie Holden, Katrina Grixti and Maggie Luke – as the first team. Grace Davies, Lizzy Moran, Libby Riley and Kitty Rossall as the second team. Liam Hamer,  Leo Briggs, Frankie Rossall and Felix Spinks as the boys team.) The children had spent the last two weeks preparing their routines, in school and and at home.  Our girls first team, came first overall, out of 32 teams, made up of 128 individual girls. Making St Francis, the Preston Schools Gymnastics Girls CHAMPIONS! Amy Peacock,  won the individual award, as the most outstanding gymnast in the girls category. Gracie, came 4th overall with an incredible routine.  The boys team, made up of two children who are new to gymnastics, came third overall, out of 16 teams; an incredible achievement.Frankie and Leo finished 5th and 6th respectively, just missing out on the medals.

We are very proud – well done children! You can see how professional they came across from the pictures below. Thank you very much Miss Stewart, Mr Gilmour and parents for preparing the children so well. Not only did they perform really well, they had a great day out also.


In other news, new topics have sparked new inspiration and there seems to be a theme of bones and wildlife running throughout school. Our Wednesday animal welfare group found two mice in the greenhouse and this triggered a lengthy rescue mission. It seems that the wooden planting area was causing little birds to become trapped and unable to fly out. The remains were taken to Fairsnape class to be investigated and we removed the bench so this wouldn’t happen again.

We are busily preparing to perform at ‘Showtime’ on 4th February. Please note that the concert time has changed and it will begin at 1.00pm. Our band, choir and Glee club are all performing and you are all welcome to come and enjoy a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.


I have had so many children coming to show me their wonderful work that I have had to order more exciting prizes and praise rewards. It really is a highlight of every day to see such a wide variety of work. Children in every class amaze me and I can see how much pride they take in their achievements. Fencing has started in Beacon class,  children are enjoying Judo, owl pellets are bringing the curriculum to life and Pendle class are flourishing. The big bird watch continues in Parlick class and our outside area is coming along slowly but surely. The cold weather is still preventing the area to be finished but that cannot be helped at the moment. Work will begin again when it is possible.

Have a lovely weekend.