Time flies when you’re having fun!

The week all started with our INSET day on Monday and since then I just haven’t caught up. In fact, the following days at school seem to have merged into one because we have been so busy. Our new CTouch whiteboards are being fitted in Fairsnape and Beacon (junior classrooms) in a couple of weeks and we have new laptops coming. Mrs Kerr and the children are delighted with the new carpet in Fairsnape class and I am thrilled with how our school entrance area looks with new carpets (and displays) also. Fencing began in Fairsnape and the children had a brilliant time. We can’t wait for cricket and Judo to begin after the Easter break. Mr Gilmour is already organising his cross country runners for a competition coming up soon. We will give you some more information on this soon. Do have a look on our ‘Enrichment Activities’ section on our homepage-you will find pictures of clubs taking place in school and much more.

Today, Tallulah and Jessica came to see me with huge smiles, yellow T-Shirts and a big box. I thought they had joined the Brownies but it wasn’t cookies they came to sell me! It was to talk to me about days when they can run their ‘Change for Life’ club for the rest of the school. Have a look on our sports page to see what the girls have been up to. They certainly are excellent ambassadors of this initiative and I look forward to following their progress with the school. Well done girls!

On Monday, the Year 4 children are going on a trip to celebrate the Year of Mercy at Great Eccleston. I too will be going on a trip-another marketing venture at Preston Guild Hall! Mr Griffiths has secured our school a stall in the midst of another 1999 stalls of other people promoting their businesses. With flyers and QR Codes at the ready-not forgetting a laptop playing our school video-I hope to make St.Francis’ known to more people. This week, we had a knock at the door from a lady who had accidentally passed by our school and wanted to enquire if we had places for her children. Like many others, she didn’t know we are here so I ask-please do keep promoting our wonderful school.

The next step of our pre-school being ready for September is going out to consultation for four weeks enabling you all to be fully aware of the plans. This is our school and I always appreciate your feedback. I will keep you informed of the progress. Diary dates are coming home this weekend and KS1, with Reception class, are celebrating a Palm Liturgy in Church. We are having a Coffee Morning Concert, where the choir, bands and soloists will be performing to link with our ‘Fairtrade Big Breakfast.’ Chocolate Bingo is coming up soon and Lent assemblies led by each class are in the last week of term. Alot to look forward to!