Squashed Tomatoes?

It has been one of those weeks where you can’t put your finger on what you have done. I have been at buildings meetings, teaching, reading stories (without falling asleep in Pre-School’s quiet area), unblocking drains, trying my very best to get the gate buzzer fixed, updating school development plans, planning the budget, transporting children to the swimming gala, showing more new families around school and trying to fit more things into an already overcrowded timetable. Next week, I will be in Pre-School for the whole week and I have to say I am looking forward to it. One of our new 2 year olds managed to spot ‘my daddy’ on every page of a Dora The Explorer book. ‘My Daddy’ happened to be a tiny (compared to all of the other characters in the book) magician wearing a magical coat. I have met this little girl’s daddy and the two could not be further apart in appearance. It just shows you how the special people are thought about every minute of the day. I did not think that Pre-School would have been as successful as it currently is. We are now full on a Tuesday and Wednesday until September and we have growing lists of interest, as well as definite numbers, for the following two years. I would urge any of you who wish to join our Pre-School to collect a form and put your child’s name on our lists as we do not want to disappoint.

We couldn’t be more proud of our children this week. Our children represented our school at a Swimming Gala. I congratulate all of the swimming team. A huge well done to Gracie and Ellie for winning their races and for our team coming an overall 3rd! Well done! Year3/4 went to Longridge High School for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) day and we came 1st! We joined alongside other schools to see who could transport tomatoes down a mountain safely. Fairsnape Class thoroughly enjoyed the day and came back to school with a beautiful trophy. We thank Longridge High School for hosting this event. Well done to the ‘Squashed Tomatoes’ team! You can find more information (and pictures) on the Fairsnape web page. All classes in school have been enjoying ‘Science Week’ and undertaking a variety of experiments and investigations.

Pendle Class have held a ‘Monster Tea Party’ whilst exploring how materials can change. They have been planting, testing wind resistance and using food colouring to explore how plants absorb water. Please visit all class webpages to see the variety of curriculum we offer.




Christina from CAFOD came to deliver an assembly about the Lent Challenge-Big Fish. We are Journeying with Jesus as we travel through Lent and we are keeping in our minds ‘What Would Jesus Do’ in a variety of situations, including care for our common home.


The children in KS2 were involved in workshops about looking after God’s world as co creators with God. We are looking forward to our Coffee Morning Concert fundraiser next Friday (24th March) where all children will be performing. We will have  Shakespeare and poetry debut from Year 5, who have been working with Mrs Brice for the past two terms.