Pupil Voice

Wonderful news! Our children love our school!

Here are the results of the pupil survey that was given to every child in school.

September 2016


Dear children,

We want you to love coming to your school. It is very important to us that you are happy here and we want to know what you think about school. We will always listen to you so please feel free to put any comments you wish.

Question  Yes  No Any comments?
1.    School is enjoyable.  100%
2.  We learn a lot.  100%
3.  Behaviour is good.  100%
4.  Adults care about us.  100%
5.  We know how we can improve on our work.  95%  5%
6.  We feel safe in school.  100%
7.  We know we can talk to an adult in school if we have a problem.  100%
8.  School helps us to keep healthy.  95%  5%
9.  We know how well we are doing.  95%  5%

After listening to all children’s comments, we will make sure that children know how they can improve their work in Art, think about taking the chocolate out of the muffins we have at dinner time and tell you even more how well you are doing in all subjects. You are all wonderful children!