New Adventures

It has been an emotional week for me which ended with proud tears in assembly today. I was asked to complete some questions for the Year 6 children’s leavers books and it was the first time I had thought about the year end in such a final way. Miss Taylor formally left to begin her maternity leave yesterday but we were delighted to see her again today as she brought her little girl to our Pre-School stay and play session. It only really sunk in that she had left at the end of the day when I had my first chance to sit down and reflect upon the day as a whole. We will miss her very much and wish her every best wish as she becomes a new mother again.

We welcome three new and very wonderful children to our school this week and it already seems like they have always been with us. It was when I looked at the children singing a new song in two part harmony that I had no other thoughts in my mind apart from what an incredible school we have. Every child is a masterpiece with personalities that are completely unique only to them. It is such a privilege that we see the children every day and watch them grow and develop in so many different ways. The children knew they made an incredible sound under such a blanket of unity as a school. You could feel the atmosphere in the hall as they sung and it was truly moving. I didn’t manage to reach a box of tissues and it was when a tear dripped onto the golden award book that I knew I had to compose myself.

You can’t explain in words what a humbling role we have in school educating children in the fullest sense. Some art work was brought to me earlier in the week which portrayed food chains. The same afternoon, I was brought a story that had been written at home just because the child loved writing. It is priceless and if we could bottle the joy the children bring to us every day, we would have our school extension within a week!

The Pre-School children also brought great joy to the school and it has been a pleasure welcoming new families to our school. I attach some pictures below. Please have a look on our Pre-School webpage. You will find many pictures of the room. Mrs Walton and Miss Stewart will be working in there alongside myself. We are all very excited! The Goosnargh and Longridge Show is next Saturday and we have another St.Francis’ stall. Our last Family Mass of the school year is on the Sunday. Please do all try to come to and celebrate liturgy together. The tarmac will be completed by next week to create an access route to the back of church- the diggers couldn’t have come at a better time because the Pre-School children thought they were going to be a permanent fixture of school. They made us smile as everything stopped as they watched the diggers being driven onto a huge truck. The huge truck transporting the diggers proved to be a spectacular moment in itself!

I thank you all for your support and encouragement. You can speak to us at any time. Infant parents, do come and look at the classrooms. The new Year 2 classroom will be incredible when the painting is completed next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!