Simply Sensational…that’s all I can say!


These videos speak for themselves. Our children really are sensational stars. We couldn’t be prouder of our children and I am sure that you will all agree that they have put so much effort into all of the performances. Our band were absolutely wonderful and we had brilliant soloists, duets and audience participation! I have to say that I have been excited all week waiting to see our Glee club debut and it was a treat. After only four rehearsals of an Annie medley, children were so animated in their performance. When I saw the delight on our Year 1 children’s faces as they performed, I couldn’t help but see some future actors and actresses.

I thought about the whole concert later on in the day and I realised that I had taken for granted the amazing behaviour of the whole school and also from our Nursery and Pre-School children. They sat in awe of our older children performing for almost an hour-hardly moving a muscle. It was a lovely atmosphere and I thank our staff who put hours of preparation, creating arrangements and backing tracks etc for our children to enjoy and shine in performances like today.

This afternoon, Mrs B-M got a phone call and I went into Fairsnape Class to take care of her UFA group as she took the call in my office. Ironically, I opened the door quickly and almost fell into the classroom, who were in the middle of a First Aid training group. One little boy wore a sling that had been perfectly assembled by another pupil. I was pleased that Mrs B-M came back quickly as I have had terrible first aid training experiences in the past involving slings. I have never been able to master the art of putting on a sling but I am willing to join Mrs B-M’s future first aid for children UFA group to improve.

I had a horrendous evening in school on Wednesday as our Mad Science after school club literally made me quite mad! Accidents happen but a messy accident it was! Oil and water mixed was spilled on the hall floor and walked all over. I haven’t dealt with oil and water combinations on wooden floors before and I don’t ever want to again. Some parts were like an ice rink. It isn’t what you need at 5.30pm on a Wednesday evening. Luckily, after a phone call to our cleaning company, buffers, water hoovers (I think that is what they were) arrived with two men who looked like they meant business. Within half an hour on Thursday morning, our hall was restored to our usual slip free surface. Accidents happen. It reminded me of the time when the ink bottle exploded in Mr.Gilmour’s classroom in the middle of an art lesson. He came out of the room with a blue beard and a smurf like appearance. I will not say any more.

Mrs Hamer met Prince Harry this week. Genuinely kind people are treasures and Mrs Hamer is one of these. She has set up a football club for Syrian refugees and she instigates and undertakes many fundraising initiatives to help them. Mr Gilmour plays football. Apparently he is semi famous as he once showed someone video footage of himself playing in a match. He and Mrs Hamer have joined forces to create a wonderful experience for the Syrian refugees. They will be playing a series of matches together -Mr Gilmour’s friends and the Syrian team at Tulketh on Sunday 12th November  starting at 2.00pm. We will be having a clothes, baby nappies and toys collection that week in school to help the refugees. More information will be coming soon.

Thank you to members of our PTFA who have been helping in school this week. It is very much appreciated. Our Open Afternoon was successful and it was lovely to hear so many positive comments.

Mrs Rossall has mastered the art of uploading videos onto our website following a masterclass from Miss Stewart. I thank her for taking the time to put these videos from today onto this blog. More will follow when I master the skill!

I wish you all a lovely half term break. We return to school on Monday 6th November.