“Is it Bob the Builder?” No-Steph Slater!

When I told some of our younger children today that we were going to welcome a very special visitor into school, I had to sadly disappoint one little boy by telling him that is wasn’t Bob the Builder who was coming.

I am pleased to inform you that the morning turned out to be a success as we welcomed Steph Slater (a Rio Paralympic gold and silver medallist) to our school. Steph was an absolute inspiration to us all as she told us about her journey of perseverance and self-belief through a sudden disability. Steph visited each class to show her medals and to  answer questions that the children were excited to ask. It was amazing to watch her compete and the message she gave to our children was very clear- we can do anything if we believe in ourselves.



On this note, it has been a privilege to watch the children in our Pre-School learn and develop so much over just a short space of time. On Tuesday, the children sang Christmas songs for their parents, friends and families. We also invited all parents to look at Learning Journeys with their children after the performance . It is always a special opportunity for the children to discuss their personal Learning Journey with their families because the children’s enthusiasm and happiness shines through. The feedback was fantastic. Well done to Miss Stewart and Mrs Walton for preparing such a wonderful occasion. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there because I was at the pantomime in Blackpool with the rest of the school. Not wanting to miss out though, Miss Stewart recorded a video message from myself to tell the children how proud I am of them all.

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The pantomime was fantastic and what a pleasure it was spending some relaxed quality time with the children. I was very moved by last night’s Advent Service, which was led by junior staff and children. The standard of singing was just first-rate and the children delivered such a special Christmas message to us all. It can be so easy to become wrapped up in Christmas shopping, sending cards and preparing for meals, that we can lose sight of the reason we celebrate at all. Christ came to us to be our inspiration, guide and comfort. We frequently refer to The Beatitudes-His legacy from where we take our Gospel Values. Today was Christmas Jumper Day for ‘Save the Children’ and we will always continue to do our best in helping others. We may be a small school, but our care for others is immeasurable.

I didn’t know about a Reading Club, which has seemingly been going on for a long time now. This was organised by pupils in Year 6 and they were quite horrified that I didn’t know anything about it! I consider myself to be a visible person around school so this took me by surprise also. It really is testament to our children that they organise things amongst themselves without fuss or wanting praise. I am always in awe of their genius, innovation and love of learning.

As I write this, I sit next to a frog, which is having a ‘little swim!’  I have been given instructions that ‘Pacman’ need to come out for a ‘little swim’ as much as possible. The children have provided me with a tray (apparently he likes the tray) and it was my turn to see him swim. Pendle Class usually take full charge of this but I must play my part.


We have some exciting events still to come. On Monday, please send your child into school wearing party clothes (your child that is) as PTFA have kindly organised the Christmas Party from 1.00pm-3.00pm. Any parent helpers are more than welcome. There will be a DJ, much fun and lots of laughter.

The children from Pendle and Parlick  are little stars. I heard them singing the Nativity songs on the bus the day of the pantomime and they sounded amazing. I can’t believe they sang the whole way there and back-what a treat! You can watch this next Tuesday at either 2.00pm or 6.00pm in Church. You are all very welcome.  We are still selling Christmas CDs for £5. These will be on sale at the back of Church after the Infant Nativity on Tuesday and they continue to be available in school.

A newsletter has been sent home today with a reminder that we break up at 1.30pm on Wednesday.  Here’s to another great week-have a lovely weekend.