I missed all the fun…or did I?

I haven’t been in school today as I have been on a course. This comes with benefits and problems as I always miss school when I am not there and wonder what the children are doing. After my course, I returned to school to catch up on anything I had missed and to return emails and phone calls. I was met with three perfectly arranged Ipads on my desk and no one in sight-no one until Mr Gilmour appeared to tell me all about the exciting assembly I had missed. The Year 5 children led a WWF reflection as a reminder for our ‘Wear it Wild’ day and parents joined in with singing ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’- and that was only the beginning. When I asked what the Ipads were doing on my desk, I was told they had been put there so I could see what had been going on in school throughout the day!

Here are some of the pictures I found…


I am very fond of this form of monitoring! I think you will agree that every picture tells a story and I had  a huge smile when I looked at these. Phoebe’s grandad came into school today to help us with our vegetable patch and he will be a welcome helper in school. She keeps telling me that he is a ‘genius’ and I certainly agree. The children had a wonderful time learning from him and we can’t wait to eat the vegetables. This area is maintained by the children and is next to our chicken coop area.

Beacon Class have been challenged outdoors as they have to guide each other through a maze blind folded and tied together. The need for teamwork was vital and even Mrs. Riley found this a challenge-look for the tyre and you will spot her! I believe that I will be taking part in this excitement next week. The KS2 SATs are now finished and we are all so very proud of the children. We look forward to the rest of the school term and continue with high school preparations and the Beacon Class production. I can’t wait for the next ‘Coffee Morning Concert’ as we will hear our ukulele players perform together and the children from the infants are sounding incredible as they play instruments in groups or individually with such confidence.

I was going to have a cake sale in the last week of this half term but I have decided to tie this in with our next Coffee Morning Concert, which is after the half term break. Money raised will go towards ‘Make a Splash’ appeal as we continue to support CAFOD and the ‘Year of Mercy.’  This will be a great time to have a cake sale and for us to all come together again. I have spoken to the juniors and they are happy to lead activities outdoors after the concert for all to join in. The school choir children are learning a beautiful song called ‘The Prayer’ and are even singing in Italian.

We may be a small school but we are full of happiness, enthusiam and drive.

I look forward to what Monday brings.