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Welcome to Pre-School

Please take a tour through our page, meet our staff and take a look at our links to the prospectus, Q&A and take a look at what we have been up to within our pre-school and through our topics.

Staffing in Pre-School

Miss S.Deakin: Headteacher and Pre-School Manager


Miss Stewart: Key Person

 Miss Stewart

Mrs Tyrer: Key Person

Mrs Tyrer

Miss Preston: Apprentice

Miss Preston

Pre-School Uniform

You can buy Pre-School jumpers from Mary Frances in Longridge. Children will need a green Pre-School jumper and a white polo-shirt (plain without logo) to wear underneath. Other clothes will be of own choice from home, including footwear. We provide waterproof Rukka suits for your child, which will be kept in school. If you want to bring a personal pair of wellies in for your child, these will be kept safe. Please provide a labelled water bottle that can be sent into Pre-School daily. Please make you you dress your child for the weather.

Please provide a lever arch file for your child’s learning journey. Daily communication diaries, will be provided by school.

Take a look at our year so far below…

This week, for sports week, we have joined the whole school in order to raise money. We had a great time taking part in the bounce fun on Monday and the children really surprised us by running a whole lap in the fun run. Together, we ran 3 miles to add to the schools amazing total. We also enjoyed cheering on the rest of the school and we joined in with the dancing and singing.

IMG_1451 IMG_1450 IMG_1449

I’m not sure that PC Banks will let us have our driving licences just yet! During our road safety talk your children asked and answered some amazing questions…. they all showed how sensible they need to be while on the road and how we much stay with our adult. As well as talking with PC Banks about how to be safe, we certainly laughed alot.

IMG_1510 IMG_1509 IMG_1508 IMG_1507

We have looked at different ways to make bridges…. the three billy goats gruff crossed a bridge to go and eat the grass on the other side of the river… the children acted out the story and took turns saying ‘WHO’S THAT TRIP TRAPPING OVER MY BRIDGE’


We are ready for the better weather… playing on our climbing frame is just so much fun!


Great fun was had in the hall…. we looked at prepositions and worked out how to move around the obsticle course… over, under or through???  The only way we will know is if we have a go…


The children are learning all about how to look after our beautiful bunny rabbits. We know what they need to survive… the children have fed, watered, cleaned and held the rabbits. they are very nice and playfull too.

IMG_9625 IMG_1288

After reading the story of ‘the gingerbread man’ the children decrated their own gingerbread men with icing and sweeties. They made a delicious snack too…



The children really enjoy Cosmic Yoga. They follow it well and love the different story adventures that they go on.



Our new EYFS area all ready to go… the children are enjoying jumping and spashing in the Rill, climbing the rickety bridge. We have been digging in the pud pit and playing in the mud kitchen. We can wait for the grass to grow on the dinosaur hill.

IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1107 IMG_1108 IMG_1109 IMG_9499

January 2018 – Stick man and winter woodland…

IMG_1081 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1088 IMG_1090 IMG_1093 IMG_1115IMG_1114


Christmas 2017

IMG_0999 IMG_1116

IMG_1121 IMG_1122 IMG_9451

Please find our Christmas Carol Powerpoints below… Please practice with your children at home to help them become familiar with them for our ‘Carols around the tree’


IMG_8901 IMG_8899 2017-11-22 13.43.21 2017-11-22 13.42.56 2017-11-22 13.39.48 2017-11-22 13.34.52


IMG_8713[1] IMG_8714[1]





IMG_8539 IMG_8540



2017-10-24 15.14.14 2017-11-15 10.51.26 2017-11-15 11.16.13 2017-11-15 11.18.42 2017-11-15 11.22.21


IMG_0434 IMG_0588

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Baking in Pre-school


IMG_8314 IMG_8316 IMG_8311 IMG_8306 IMG_8305 IMG_8302 IMG_8295 IMG_8300 IMG_8290 IMG_8289 IMG_8281   IMG_8258 IMG_8252 IMG_8245 IMG_8236 IMG_8235 IMG_8224 IMG_8218 IMG_8209 IMG_8200 IMG_8187 IMG_8179 IMG_8172 IMG_8155 IMG_8152 IMG_0319 IMG_0314 IMG_0310 IMG_0313


Recognising numbers in and around our environment

IMG_0225 IMG_0241 IMG_0481 IMG_0482 IMG_0483 IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0487 IMG_0493

Mark Making

IMG_8340 IMG_0477 IMG_0462 IMG_0284 IMG_0226


IMG_0242 IMG_0245 IMG_0247 IMG_0250 IMG_0262

Finger Gym

IMG_0509 IMG_0512 IMG_0397 IMG_0389 IMG_0386 IMG_0385 IMG_0384 IMG_0277 IMG_0521

Playing with the Junior UFA group

IMG_8133 IMG_8123 IMG_8116 IMG_8098 IMG_8096

Wear it wild 2017

IMG_0344 IMG_0345 IMG_0351 IMG_0367

“At The Beach” Topic

Some of the amazing things that we have done so far.


IMG_7682 IMG_7678 IMG_7676 IMG_7679 IMG_7583 IMG_7507 IMG_7506 IMG_7505 IMG_7504 IMG_7089 IMG_7090 IMG_7088 IMG_7087 IMG_7085 IMG_6839

Mark Making…

IMG_7684 IMG_7685 IMG_7687 IMG_7689 IMG_7688

More Mark Making…

IMG_7596 IMG_7597 IMG_7598 IMG_7599

Even More Mark Making

Chalking on Blackboard paper

IMG_7434 IMG_7441


We have moved around like various animals, streched up high and made ourselves really small. The children enjoyed moving around the hall and listening for instructions – the jumped, skipped, ran, moved slowly and hopped. We also played duck, duck, goose.

IMG_7346 IMG_7363

IMG_7349 IMG_7414 IMG_7415 IMG_7421


IMG_7323 IMG_7338

Fun Outdoors

We love taking advantage of our amazing outdoor space. We are in the perfect location for nature and outdoor play.

IMG_7558 IMG_7562 IMG_7573 IMG_7572 IMG_7564 IMG_7574 IMG_7575 IMG_7578

IMG_7096 IMG_7206 IMG_7254 IMG_7255 IMG_7256 IMG_7257 IMG_7258 IMG_7260 IMG_7262 IMG_7264 IMG_7266 IMG_7269 IMG_7270 IMG_7274 IMG_7278 IMG_7284 IMG_7275

 Sand Castles and Digging

Our super handy parent – George’s dad- built us a super sand pit and stage area for our out door area. The children are enjoying getting stuck into the sand pit and playing on the stage.

IMG_7093 IMG_7145 IMG_7136 IMG_7670 IMG_7667 IMG_7669 IMG_7668

Designated Rabbit Carers…

We are loving our rabbit role… the pre-schoolers are learning how to care for our two beauitful rabbits. We are feeding them, giving them fresh water and lots of clean bedding. They like some vegetables (like us) and grass. We even pick some dandelion leaves for them to eat. Miss Preston and Miss Stewart had to move the hutch, however because the rabbits are burrowing… Best keep our eyes open.

IMG_7051 IMG_7055 IMG_7057 IMG_7059 IMG_7071 IMG_7073


We loved meeting Harold The Giraffe and we talked about looking after our bodies. We layed down at the end and got to see the beautiful stary sky.

IMG_6987 IMG_6999 IMG_7009 IMG_7020 IMG_7025 IMG_7010 IMG_7013 IMG_7037


The children used their finger prints and various colours to decorate the letter for our ‘create’ board, where we celebrate the amazing creations that the children make.

IMG_6946 IMG_6947IMG_7506

 Having Fun With Our Beach Themed Play doh’ Mats!

 IMG_6832 IMG_6836 IMG_6831


We are loving our new stage and love Mrs Tyrers inflatable instruments. The children are enjoying performing to each other… and even the school children!

IMG_7691 IMG_7697 IMG_7699

We have been talking about looking after all gods creatures. We went on a nature walk to see what we could find. The children spotted birds, bees and butterflys. We went to visit church and had some quiet time. We have a nice relection window in preschool which the children have helped to make beautiful by making crosses, using crape paper.


IMG_6926 IMG_6929 IMG_6932

IMG_7296 IMG_7298 IMG_7300 IMG_7301

The children love playing on our new stage area. They have been using the sponge bricks to build walls – and they laugh when they fall. We are impressed with the way the walls are being built.

IMG_6862 IMG_6866 IMG_6867 IMG_6877

 Messy Play Day!

We joined Reception and Year 1 Class to have a great time. We used water, glitter, paint, stampers, printing tools, sprayers and much more to create huge scale pieces of art work and it was a great reason to just have fun and be free in a world of exploration and play.


Ooops upside your head.....

‘Happiness first and everything else will follow’

Welcome to our Pre-School webpage. We hope this webpage will give you an insight as to what we have to offer in Pre-School.



 The Mayor officially opens Pre-School


We were very grateful that the Mayor of Preston could visit us and officially open our Pre-School. It was a wonderful end to our school year with many friends of our school attending.