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Messy Play Day!

We joined Reception and Year 1 Class to have a great time. We used water, glitter, paint, stampers, printing tools, sprayers and much more to create huge scale pieces of art work and it was a great reason to just have fun and be free in a world of exploration and play.


Ooops upside your head.....

‘Happiness first and everything else will follow’

Welcome to our Pre-School webpage. We hope this webpage will give you an insight as to what we have to offer in Pre-School.


Fun and laughter have been had by all. What a great week we have had…



‘Snow Business’

Happy New Year and Welcome back! We have missed the children so much and it is wonderful to see them again. Show and Tell has been full of Christmas gifts and we do hope that you all had a lovely Christmas.

The ice and cold weather has certainly played a part in our new mini topic. The children have been chipping away at animals frozen in ice and they have also been riding skis!

IMG_3598 IMG_3599 IMG_3600 IMG_3605 IMG_3611 IMG_3615 IMG_3622 IMG_3623 IMG_3624 IMG_3625 IMG_3628 IMG_3629 IMG_3636 IMG_3652 IMG_3655 IMG_3658 IMG_3659 IMG_3662

A parent once asked me a few questions before her child started and I have used these questions to tell you about what we do in St.Francis’ Hill Chapel Pre-School.

  • How do you plan for the children as they are all so different in their needs and how do you keep us informed about this?

To ensure a smooth transition into Pre-School, we  hold ‘parent consultations’ in order to learn as much as possible about your child. Our priority is that we can learn as much as we can from you about your child’s needs, interests and current development in order to work together to provide the very best care and learning environment to meet those needs and next steps in development. We follow ‘Development Matters,’ which lead up to the ‘Early Learning Goals’ and carefully plan activities to meet your child’s unique needs. You are your child’s first and foremost carer and we will work with you to give your child the very best start in their learning journey. Our aim is for your children to know that they are loved, safe and can express themselves as little individuals with their own unique personalities, needs and interests. We will give all children a daily diary as a communication tool and they will each have a ‘comical anecdote’ book, in which we will capture the comical sayings and moments that you will want to treasure forever! In Pendle Class (Reception Class), we have a big book of planning to note the children’s ideas and suggestions for the seven areas of the curriculum when a topic arises. This is to record the children’s ideas and current interests. The beauty of following ‘Development Matters’ is that anything can fit. We carefully assess your child’s development and plan for immediate next steps to ensure there are no gaps in learning. We consider your child’s interests and build on this to make sure they love learning and are motivated with their voices listened to. Previous interests to instigate topics have been: Harry Potter, Lego, Sharks, Dinosaurs, Disney Princesses and many more. We always celebrate Diwali and Chinese New Year and many other exciting festivals and celebrations.

  • Do you use the outdoors much?

Outdoor learning is fundamental to our approach. It not only enables children to explore and learn about the world around them but it gives them grand scale opportunities to use and apply their skills in all areas of learning. We have a beautiful Millennium Walk, which is a woodland area belonging to school. It has a math’s trail, fire pit and much more. We find many elf and fairy doors there too! We have a greenhouse, chickens, a willow dome , vegetable patches -aswell as our playground and separate Pre-School play area. The children use natural resources to create, den build and make mud sculptures. The children make fat balls for the birds and every outdoor learning opportunity is always seized.

  • Do the children ever mix with the rest of the school?

The children enjoy visiting all areas in our school and are used to children from the school visiting them and working with them on a Friday afternoon. We sometimes use Pendle Classroom for ICT time and also to get the Pre-School children used to what the classroom looks like. That is for the children who are near school age and will be due to start in the following September. The children eat their lunch separately but they use the hall for PE lessons. We use the playground when the older children are inside so as to avoid overwhelming the Pre-School children but our school really is one big family and this includes our Pre-School children. They always love to be an audience for our musicians and also visiting their older siblings!

  • Do you have visitors/trips in Pre-School?

Yes. Every Thursday, the children have a music lesson with Mr.Severyn and we have sports coaches and other specialist teachers who visit. We are hoping to begin Diddy Dribblers after Christmas. The police visit and bring electric cars for the children to ride in and learn about road safety. We will take the children on trips in the Summer time.

Existing systems we have in Pendle Class are replicated in Pre-School to provide continuity as the children progress through school. We have many ‘mini topics’ according to your child’s interests. Your child’s Keyperson will plan for these and will record your child’s learning in their Learning Journey folders.

‘Mini’ Carols Around The Tree

On Tuesday 13th December we are inviting you all to come and sing with your child! It will be a wonderful chance for us to get together and celebrate our first term in Pre-School. The children have been learning Christmas songs and we will be singing these at 11.00am in the school hall. We thought it would also be a great opportunity for your child to show you their Learning Journey after the merriment. You can spend time in the Pre-School and your child can tell you all about their learning so far. The Learning Journeys are filling up quickly with pictures, observations and everything else that captures learning and development milestones.

You will be pleased to know that the Pre-School children are included on our school Christmas CD. Here are some pictures of them in action.


Puddle Play and a Great Day!


Personal, Social and Emotional Development



img_1344img_0712 img_0715 img_0716 img_0717 img_0718 img_0719 img_0720 img_0724 img_0728 img_0735 img_0751 img_0754 img_0760 img_0765 img_0768 img_0769 img_0772 img_0670 img_0671 img_0672 img_0673 img_0674 img_0675 img_0676 img_0677 img_0680 img_0684 img_0687 img_0688 img_0689 img_0690 img_0701 img_0709 img_0592 img_0593 img_0594 img_0595 img_0596 img_0597 img_0598 img_0599 img_0600 img_0609 img_0618 img_0626 img_0627 img_0630 img_0632 img_0647 img_0648 img_0804 img_0834 img_0838 img_0848 img_0855 img_0866 img_0868 img_0870 img_0879 img_0880 img_0886 img_0890 img_0966 img_0967 img_0971

It was a wonderful day for water play and den building in our Millennium Walk. The children used their creativity and team work skills to create some amazing dens. Our Pre-School UFA group helped too!

img_0972 img_0973 img_0974 img_1002 img_1003 img_1004 img_1005 img_1006 img_1008 img_1011 img_1019 img_1028 img_1034 img_1037 img_1040 img_1041 img_1042 img_1043 img_1044 img_1047 img_1048 img_1053 img_1054 img_1055 img_1063 img_1066 img_1067 img_1068 img_1106 img_1116 img_1130 img_1132 img_1146 img_1148 img_1153 img_1159 img_1175 img_1180 img_1183 img_1193 img_1216 img_1221 img_1224 img_1252 img_1254 img_1258 img_1262 img_1263 img_1264 img_1266 img_1267 img_1268 img_1293 img_1294 img_1295 img_1298 img_1301

Nature Detectives…

img_1310 img_1312 img_1313 img_1314 img_1323 img_1335 img_1336 img_1337 img_1339 img_1344 img_1347 img_1351 img_1354 img_1355 img_1356 img_1359 img_1366 img_1372 img_1373 img_1375 img_1383 img_1384 img_1387

Junk Modelling

img_1392 img_1393 img_1394 img_1406 img_1425 img_1426 img_1427 img_1428 img_1430 img_1432 img_1437 img_1442 img_1444 img_1447 img_1449 img_1456 img_1468 img_1472 img_1474 img_1475 img_1476 img_1489 img_1500 img_1537 img_1571 img_1592 img_1593 img_1594 img_1595 img_1596 img_1597 img_1608 img_1610 img_1611 img_1615 img_1616 img_1618 img_1622 img_1623 img_1624 img_1625 img_1626 img_1630 img_1631 img_1632 img_1635 img_1636 img_1653

Den building, Pea pods, pictures and chickens!



A busy start to our day!

What can I do with that box?

A box is never really a box-not to a child. A box is a flying car, a washing machine, a truck, a princess castle, a mountain, a take away and much more. It only becomes more than a box when a child’s imagination allows it to. Have a look at the ‘flying cars’ below. Such team work, collaboration and perseverance.

With some sunshine and a cool breeze, what a lovely start to the day. Have a look at our ‘flying car fun’ and see how creative we are…


Our First Week!

Pictures tell the best stories. You will see children washing up after themselves, having fun on balance bikes, barbecuing at the mud kitchen, exploring chickens, listening to stories, snuggling up in the reading nook, having music lessons with Mr Severn,  playing in the role-play area, painting the outside walls, exploring Numberland, making their own play dough, finding their new pegs and much more. Above all, they are happy and having fun as they learn. Next week, they will be embarking on many forest schools activities and testing out our new pulley systems on the new trim trail. The children will be baking and planning their own learning activities!


Our Millennium Walk



Learning how to make our own playdough


Mark Making using paint, water and chalk


Chicken Maintenance



Pre-School Uniform

You can buy Pre-School jumpers from Mary Frances in Longridge. Children will need a green Pre-School jumper and a white polo-shirt (plain without logo) to wear underneath. Other clothes will be of own choice from home, including footwear. We provide waterproof Rukka suits for your child, which will be kept in school. If you want to bring a personal pair of wellies in for your child, these will be kept safe. Please provide a labelled water bottle that can be sent into Pre-School daily. Bags to transfer information, including daily communication diaries, will be provided by school.

The Mayor officially opens Pre-School


We were very grateful that the Mayor of Preston could visit us and officially open our Pre-School. It was a wonderful end to our school year with many friends of our school attending.

Staffing in Pre-School

Miss S.Deakin: Headteacher and Pre-School Manager

Miss Stewart: Key Person

Mrs Walton: Key Person

Miss Kirkham: Playworker (part time)

Mr Severyn: Music lessons on a Thursday am and pm

Playing with Jeff the goat at our PTFA Summer Social


Our Pre-School Classroom




Stay and Play sessions have begun!

We thank everyone who came to our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions, which ran weekly towards the end of last term. In September, we will be running our annual EYFS, Early Reading, ‘Letters and Sounds’ and ‘Numbers and Patterns’ workshop evening.  We are inviting all of our Pre-School parents to this as the EYFS includes children from 0-5 years of age. We will explain how we teach phonics in our school and you will be given many concrete examples of how this works practically with parents as the most influential and powerful educators. You wil be provided with an overview as to how early learning develops and how we facilitate learning in the early stages. You are welcome to discuss your child’s development with us at any time and you can look through your child’s learning portfolio as often as you wish. They will be updated daily.