Here we go…again!

Each day brings a new set of smiles and a new set of dilemmas. On Monday, there was no power to the school hall and the kitchen fridge broke. Luckily, I could keep out of the way a little because I am in class-and Loving it! With the power of delegation, a team from LCC came to solve the problems. Two days later, they were solved but today the internet is completely down. This has affected all classrooms and homework! I know that many of the children will be devastated to hear this but we will resume our usual internet power by Monday.

Something that does not require technology is a letter and I received one on Tuesday. I was contacted by Sister Marcellina Cooney from TERE. This stands for ‘Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education’ and we were asked if our school could be featured in the new ‘Way Truth and The Life’ Scheme of work, which is the scheme of work used in Catholic school nationwide. It could be worldwide too but I do not want to claim worldwide fame for the school just yet. We now have a copyright CD ROM with our school featuring the May Procession from last year. All schools (who use this scheme) will see St.Francis’ as a leading example to others. Brilliant!

Because I am in Pendle Class at the moment, I cannot sit down for long. This is not a problem because I think I have damaged my coccyx during my terrible effort at roller skating. My lower back must have gone into some sort of shock on the day of the float and bruising only began on Sunday! This is completely my own fault as I was trying to skate in Miss Stewart’s stone floored kitchen before the float began. I have put a post of thanks on our website to the families who helped to create and drive the float. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Beacon Class are busily preparing for their play and St.Francis’ Got Talent is at 1.30pm on Friday 23rd June. The children are very excited about this. Please make sure they have any backing tracks/music etc. prepared for Friday 16th June (next Friday) for a run through of acts. They will need these in school next Friday.

All children will need a packed lunch next Friday as it is ‘Den Day’ in school. Collaborative outdoor learning will be had by all. If your child has a school dinner on a Friday, Mrs Keenan will prepare a packed lunch for the children instead of a hot school dinner. We are very excited about this!

Painting shells, making googly eye sea creatures, estimating, measuring and collecting sticks for book spines and extended writing sums up my week. Head teacher agendas can wait until the weekend. I have had a great time in Pendle and I look forward to next week for more fun, laughter and learning.


All new starters will be given a PE kit courtesy of school and we aim to have a uniform ‘swishing’ event before we break up. The PE kits will be spread in full tracksuits onto the tables in the school hall probably for a week each night after school. School is open until 6.00pm so you can feel free to swap tracksuits. Pick one up and leave one on a year group table. Current PE kits that the children have outgrown will be separated onto tables of size/year groups and you can swap for a different size. We had a recycling assembly and the children feel it is important to reuse quality goods. So do we! More information will come from our Eco Warriors soon.  Have a lovely weekend.