Happy New Year!

A warm welcome back to you all!

Today, as it happened, was not such a warm welcome back for all inside our usually very cosy school. I am glad that the heating is now back in working order and school will be open tomorrow. Father Smith, the engineer and myself spent much of this evening down in the boiler room with only frogs and torches as company on what was a very dark evening! I had an interesting time in Fairsnape  this morning as Mrs Kerr, in her truly dedicated nature as a teacher, had spent much of her Christmas break looking for interesting rocks and fossils to start a new class topic. I won’t give too much away but when she asked if we can bring in a ‘Rock n Roll’ dance troupe I found myself again in awe of the dedication our staff have in providing such an all round experience for the children. Mr Gilmour has been exploring how to safely blow up giant rockets in the playground after the ‘collaborative and very scientific learning’ has taken place in the classroom! We will keep you posted. I look forward to sending you a newsletter at the end of the week.

A pleasure to be working with you all again. Happy New Year to you all.