Division 4 swimming champions…


This is the highest ever achievement for our little school! All Preston schools are divided into 6 swimming divisions. We have spent our entire time, since the competitions began , between division 4, 5 and 6. Being one of the smallest schools that take part, we will be going into division 3 next year to compete with much bigger schools, for the first time! We enjoyed swimming with our friends from other local bigger schools and we cannot believe we were placed champions of division 4.

Incredibly, every child ( Gracie, Lizzy, Amy, Katrina, Jimmy, Leo and Vinny) managed to finish in the top 2 in their heat, resulting in all the children reaching the final of their event. The children competed with determination and great support for each other. Win or lose, the children gave it their all and cheered each other to the finish line. They all achieved beyond expectation once again, making us all very proud – picking up the big trophy and a great sense of pride as a result. Well done everyone!  I look forward to assembly to reward the children for their great achievement – well done to the swimming team!