Den Day, Saws and Here’s One I Made Earlier- or did I?!

Save The Children Den Day has been ‘awesome’ and certainly a day the children will remember forever..

Collaborative learning is always a valid experience. Maths skills have been heavily put to the test and Geography skills have been at the forefront. Key Stage 2 explored natural disasters and the challenge for the whole school was to creatively engineer a structure that stands from easily sourced materials. The children learned how fundraising will help save children globally and appreciate the many opportunities and blessings we have. The groups were given a price list and they could spend their first £350 on what they calculated to be the most value for money. The children planned,designed and discussed.


And then the fun really began…


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We loved to see parents on the fields at the end of the day looking at the dens. This just shows how much the children have enjoyed the day. We ate lunch outside together and teachers even gave up their planning time to spend the afternoon engrossed with the children. Days like these do not plan themselves and I thank all staff for the hours of planning and effort that has gone into this special day. You are wonderful. Our Football and Netball teams are wonderful and so are the staff who give their time freely. It was such a joy to be able to support them at Barnacre this week. 2nd and 3rd place after competing against bigger schools is amazing!

I,on the other hand, have been quite the opposite. In fact, my day has been photographed and it does seem that I have done alot of sitting back and enjoying the freedom of outdoors. Now, I have many ideas but the problem is sometimes the execution of these ideas. That is when I tap into other people’s talents and pretend (for the photograph) that I have had maximum practical input. I have been teaching for two weeks-yes two- so when I decided we need a water system making for the class it only seemed fair that I had a rest. I then had another rest when I wanted two benches making after seeing the children’s incredible benches created today. Surely I could do the same…it seems not but Miss Dickinson has a little saw.I had a little pink saw and was integral to the process. I think you will get the gist of the day…


If you look closely, you will see how integral I was to the bench making process. I even didn’t sand it all down or move the tree trunks! I am so blessed to have the best team ever and the greatest children and parents that anyone could wish for. When you sit back and think about life, we are very lucky. The children we were raising money for today are not as lucky. A super day like this for us is only a dream for others. I will always be thankful for even the smallest of blessings. Have a lovely weekend. I hope to see you for Family Mass and First Holy Communion this Sunday in church. The children will be having a celebration after First Holy Communion and you are all invited. Mrs Rossall has been running the First Holy Communion and Confirmation sessions for a long time. Again, she gives her evening and weekend time freely in order to do this and to support children and families. Thank you Mrs Rossall. It is very much appreciated and thank you to Joan Moran and other volunteers.


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