Climbing walls and chickens…

Most of you will have been told by your children that we have been watching our eggs hatch this week! We have four very healthy little chickens and one that is being nurtured to full strength as we speak by Miss Stuart. We welcomed Mr Severyn to our team this week, as he has joined us for the rest of the term to teach curriculum music to all year groups. Ukuleles are being ordered on Monday and the day began with the sound of reggae music! It is incredible to hear how the children in the infants are genuinely talented at music and many are playing instruments. The juniors set a fabulous example for our younger children and I sincerely thank them for their inspiration.  I don’t think they realise just how powerful an influence they all are. I was delighted to welcome back some children who have now returned to choir. We have so many infant musicians and we are currently planning to have an infant music concert. Children in Year 2 joined the choir today and what an incredible sound they all made. We value every voice and children can join the choir at any time.

We are very excited to be returning to school on Monday with a newly installed climbing wall on the playground. I respectfully remind you all that play equipment can only be used during school hours and when supervised by school staff for obvious health and safety reasons. I hope that we will soon have a trim trail area around the field for the children to enjoy. This is work in progress!

We are inviting you all to join us next Thursday at lunch time for the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebration on our school playground. Come along and bring a picnic. We would love to see you all there to informally enjoy this celebration together. Musicians will begin this celebration by playing ‘God Save the Queen’ and they have been rehearsing today.

We are currently exploring demand for a ‘baby and toddler group’ and I feel that this would be a very positive experience for many. If you would like to support this, please do come in and see us.

What a busy start to the half term we have had but it is great to be back! It is a pleasure to see you all again.

Have a lovely weekend!