Memories for every parent…

As I sit here and write another end of term blog, I think about all of the wonderful things we have already accomplished in such a short space of time. I cannot believe that another term is over and we will return on January 8th to a new Spring Term. The children have continued to amaze us and we are very proud of them all.  I am pleased to tell you all that Infant Nativity song DVDs will be available to buy for £6.00 after the Christmas holidays. These will make a wonderful lasting gifts for your loved ones to cherish forever. We will be selling them to raise money for outdoor resources for our new EYFS and infant area. Due to the very cold weather, work will continue after the Christmas holidays and will be finished within the first fortnight back. We need some round wooden picnic tables, a wooden shed for storage (or even better-a large Wendy house for role-play), an outdoor perspex painting easel, large weighing scales and other outdoor curriculum enhancements. It is all very exciting! We thank you all for your kindness, support and dedication in making our St.Francis’ family so strong. Everything really is about communication and positive relationships. Our Outstanding Section 48 Inspection validated that we are a dedicated, highly skilled and caring staff team. It truly is a blessing to come to our school every day and watch your children love learning and thrive. The relationships between our children are a constant reminder of the values that underpin all aspects of our school. Kindness, thoughtfulness and love between every member of our school community permeates throughout. With our beautiful 2 year olds through to our exemplary Year 6 class, St.Francis’ continues to be a place of warmth and success. I thank all teachers and staff for working tirelessly and all children for always trying their best and being so considerate.

Here are some videos for you to watch until the DVDs are ready for sale. We wish you all a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Christmas Eve Carols begin at 6.00pm in Church and Mass begins at 6.30pm.

Pre-School Mini Carols Around the Tree and jumper day


IMG_0797 IMG_9373 IMG_9377

Infant Nativity

‘Don’t wake the baby’

‘It’s a long way on a donkey’

‘Don’t worry Mary’

‘Knock, Knock, who’s there’

‘Wake up shepherds’

‘We are camels’

‘A new day dawning’

‘Born in the barn’

‘The finale’

KS2 Carol Service and songs

Click blow for the links…

We three kings’

‘See him laying on a bed of hay’

‘One bright star’



download (1)download (3)download (2)









Click here for the year 6 nativity 2 song

A song from the year six children for you all to enjoy…


Christmas dinner

IMG_5050 IMG_5054 IMG_5056


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Imagination Doorway…

Here are some pictures taken today. This outdoor EYFS and infant area can also be used by all children in the school. Breakfast and after school club will be able to access this, as will children in every year group. We will use this for UFA groups, as part of our forest school development, and we will tie this in with our Millennium Walk development. It is all very exciting!

Imagination Doorway (in progress)…You can just about see the first little wooden window on the left of the doorway…or will it be the doorway of the Gingerbread House…?

IMG_4305[1]IMG_4303[1]IMG_4306[1]IMG_4307Natural bird screen with hanging binoculars and wildlife exploration area-you know, hedgehog hideaways and bug hotels! The picture next left shows a giant mud pit waiting for the mud dinosaur to be constructed-for deconstructed forest school play!


IMG_4313IMG_4312IMG_4308IMG_4317High (2.1m tall) safety fencing will enclose the whole perimeter. The high (2.1m tall) timber fencing separates the boundary and defines our new outdoor area. Paths are being created with a rickety bridge and a rill for water play and investigation. Bamboo will create divides.

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Knitted Poppies-help needed!

As you are aware, we are aiming to knit thousands of poppies for a Remembrance performance next November at Preston Guild Hall. We are joining our Longridge cluster of schools, led by Simon Wallis, for this event and we desperately need thousands of poppies. I would like to thank one of our Pre-School grandparents, who has knitted these. Please, if you do have time,  send some in.


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A Christmas Fayre,Family Mass and Carol Service Thank You

I always feel very privileged to be a part of the St.Francis’ family. The ‘family’ I often speak about includes many different people. Our parents continuously support our school and I give thanks for their generous donations, especially when we collect for school events. Thank you to all who contributed towards the success of our Christmas Fayre. PTFA raised a staggering £595.00 and , through a team effort, we are now is close sight of our outdoor amphitheater being built in the new year. Our parish stalls raised £160.00. Thank you to all who helped and thank you to our imaginative children and staff, who spent a great amount of time creating beautiful gifts to sell. The children’s watercolour cards were gorgeous. I thank Santa, who also managed to come on Sunday, despite being so busy  this time of year! Whilst Santa arrived on his sleigh, I also arrived in my usual style that involved stopping on the road and herding approximately 40 sheep off Horns Lane and into a lane, which I presumed was the lane that led to their farm. I do apologise if this was the wrong lane and you were greeted by a herd of rather large sheep running in your direction-they did seem to know their way back home!

I often find myself awestruck at St.Francis’ and last night was no exception. I was already awestruck by our children playing and singing at Family Mass (which must have been our busiest yet-thank you so much for coming in the freezing weather) and I really thought that it couldn’t get any better than that. Last night, our KS2 Carol Service was incredibly moving and I have never heard singing to such a high standard in my life! I think it was the enthusiasm of every single child that really moved me. At this time of year, love, charity and harmony are the thoughts and feelings at the forefront of our minds. We have been preparing for Jesus throughout Advent and the carol service last night was a perfect way in which to reflect upon preparing ourselves for the birth of Jesus. Jesus came to show us how to love and how to make the world a better place. Our children are active signs of this and they have highlighted what is means to work together in harmony. We are very lucky to have such a strong network of loving and caring people at St.Francis’ to care for each other and for our children. Our children sang beautifully at the CAFOD Advent Service with our family of schools and we look forward to next Tuesday when our infants delight us all with their Nativity ‘Born in a Barn’.

download (1)download (2)downloaddownload (3)

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Carol Service and Nativity Arrangements

Dear all,

This is copied from a letter your child will be coming home with today. Please ask your child to give you the letter.

KS2 Carol Service and Infant Nativity Information

Dear families , friends and parishioners,

Key Stage 2 Carol Service –tonight(12th December) at 6.00pm-  This involves junior children only -Fairsnape and Beacon Class

We are looking forward to our KS2 Carol Service this evening. The children have been rehearsing in church and it will be a very special event. Please bring your child to our school hall for 5.30pm. You can go to church and get seated; waiting for staff and children to  process into church at 6.00pm.  As every year, the children will be singing a selection of beautiful songs to celebrate Advent. We hope to see you all there. Children must come to school wearing their full school uniform. Any costumes and props are provided by school. The service will last for approximately 1 hour.


Infant Nativity-next Tuesday (19th December) at 6.00pm- This involves infant children only -Pendle and Parlick Class

Next Tuesday (19th December), we will be watching two performances of our Infant Nativity. The first performance is at 2.00pm in church.  Families and friends are all welcome-especially any who cannot make it to see the evening performance. The evening performance is in church at 6.00pm. Children need to meet staff in our school hall at 5.30pm dressed in their costumes.  Costumes are provided by school and children will come home wearing them from the 2.00pm performance. Children will bring their uniforms home in a bag at home time on Tuesday. The Nativity will last for approximately 1 hour.

Important Dates:

12th December: 6.00pm KS2 Carol Service in Church

13th December: 1.30pm Pre-School Mini-Carols around the tree

14th December: 1.30pm Christmas Party-party clothes all day

15th December: Christmas Jumper Day and Carols around the tree starting at 2.00pm (band playing)

19th December: 2.00pm and 6.00pm Infant Nativity in Church.

20th December: School Christmas Lunch-every child invited to have Christmas School Dinner £2.20 for junior


21st December: Break up at 1.30pm-no school bus.






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Carol singing, amazing structures and a pantomime

I am struggling to contain my excitement at the moment because the outdoor area is really taking shape. Our ‘World of Pure Imagination’ will be finished by the Christmas holidays. I just hope that this weather gets a little warmer for the workmen to see the ground! It is so cold today that the grass is hidden under a blanket of ice and I could barely feel my toes earlier. Please take great care when driving to school.






The pantomime was absolutely fantastic and we thank Alex Johnson and Preston College for coming to perform for us again. I think these pictures will explain…






Carol singing at Burey Court, Longridge was a joy. Well done year 6 for bringing so much Christmas cheer!

McCarthy & Stone Sales Support Executive Rachael Hardley, Sales Executive Sharon Robinson and House Manager Joanne Barlow with pupils from St Francis Catholic Primary School. credit:

IMG_2247[1]IMG_2256[1]More pictures will be coming soon…

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Christmas events not to be missed!

Carol Service and Nativity:

We have our Key Stage 2 Carol Service in church on Tuesday 12th December at 6.00pm. Children will be meeting in school at 5.30pm wearing full school uniform and staff will walk children to church. Parents, friends and families can get seated in church and relax.

Our Infant Nativity is the following Tuesday (19th December) and there are two performances: 2.00pm and 6.00pm in church. Children will meet in the school hall for the evening performance at 5.30pm and walk to church with staff. Children will come to school in costumes as they will be wearing them home from the 2.00pm performance!

Pre-School parents only: Mini-Carols around the tree starts at 1.30pm on Wednesday 13th December and Nursery/Pre-School children can show you (their own parents and families) wonderful learning journeys over a drink of juice and biscuits!

Christmas Party day: 1.30pm -children can wear sensible party clothes all day-remember it is very cold at play times!

Christmas Jumper Day and Carols Around the Tree at 2.00pm on Friday 15th December.

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