Barry Manilow, Father Smith and Bob Marley..

I was surprised today when a song came on Smooth Radio and the children in the back of my car began singing along to Copacabana! I didn’t expect the children to know this song but they did. We were coming back from the trip to watch ‘Oliver’ at Our Lady’s. Bob Marley also came on the radio and it was at that moment we all starting singing along to Three Little Birds. I wish I didn’t worry about a thing but sometimes you can’t help it. I have been very upset by the news that Father Smith is leaving. We work so closely together and I can’t help but miss him already and he hasn’t even gone yet. I will be at Mass this weekend to say goodbye and hope you can make it if you can. People say that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I have been so used to working alongside Father Smith on a daily basis. His interest in our school and our children has been breath of fresh air and his enthusiasm in general has brought me a true understanding of ‘School and Parish working together.’ I think you always miss charismatic people who make a difference but I am not sure at the time you realise just how special they are. We will welcome Father Sony into our school and Parish and I will try my very best to keep family Mass alive and engaging for our children.

I had a revolting job yesterday that involved emptying a water tray full of noodles, sand,water and glitter. I can handle most things but slimy cooked noodles that have been swimming in water for a day just about  finished my good mood! A pencil has been placed in the hose attachment and this has meant that I had to scoop the contents into a seive and then into a bucket. My stomach was put to the test but I came out in one piece-although a little glittery and a little wet. I have also been told this week that I am 129 years old. I actually feel 129 years old and felt 150 when I saw one of our chickens on the play equipment causing the jumping pole to look like a totem pole. I couldn’t get the Ipad quick enough and the chicken had been rescued by the time I got back to the scene. I am sure it won’t be an isolated incident!

National Story Telling Week has been great and the children have enjoyed writing stories to share with their friends in different year groups. We continue to write exciting narratives regularly in order for the children to use and apply their skills.

The new street signs will be up tomorrow after only waiting for this to happen since last June. My patience has been tested to the extreme but I was relieved to see the men with a white van inserting poles into the ground on my way to Our Lady’s this morning.  Five signs are to be placed around the area so people know that St.Francis’ exists and where to find us. We have a new banner on the fence at The Horns Inn and one is being placed on a farm fence as you enter Goosnargh. Mr.Gilmour and I had a comical time fixing the banner to one of the fences as I brought along the world’s smallest cable ties for the job! Father Smith pulled in as he drove past and was very impressed with the dedication to our school. I was wearing a St.Francis’ baseball cap as we set off in the car in order to draw attention to the school as we attached the banner.  Any opportunity to make St.Francis’ known is a good opportunity. It was when I caught sight of how ridiculous I looked in a suit and green baseball cap that I felt things were going too far and the car stickers should suffice! I would be very grateful if you could put the car stickers on your back window for all to see anywhere and everywhere. Here I am with the banner. I am not pointing to the pub, I am pointing to the two posts on which our St.Francis’ Catholic Primary School sign will soon be.


Have a lovely weekend.

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