Half term dates for you diaries

Welcome back! Building work is well under way and we thank you all for your patience. We have many exciting trips and visitors planned for this half term, including a photography club assembly! Band, choir, CAFOD and Glee club resume next week and all usual day time enrichment clubs led by children will continue within the school day. New UFA groups have been organised and UFA remains every Wednesday afternoon for Key Stage 2. We will inform you all about Summer term after school clubs provided by staff and specialists by the end of this half term.


21st February:           Year 5 at Longridge High school for a taster day

21st February:           KS2 Gymnastics competition-Year 3 and 4 only

27th  February:         Police visit infant classes with riot van

28th February:         Year 5 at Cobble Hey all day

1st March:                    World Book Day- Dress up as your favourite character

Glee Club begins after school

2nd March:                  Christine Dewhurst from CAFOD visit day-workshops for KS2 and working with CAFOD club at                                               lunchtime

5th March:                    Year 6 at Longridge High for Safety Town all day

11th March:                 Mothering Sunday Family Mass

12th March:                 Science week begins

13th March:                 Photography club assembly for children (in preparation for photography club to begin on 17th                                                  April)

19th March:                 Sports Relief Week

22nd March:                KS1 Palm Liturgy in Church at 2.30pm –families and friends all


Families and friends are all invited to attend our very special class assemblies and Palm Liturgy. Class assemblies are as follows:

26th March: 9.00am:   Pendle Class assembly The Last Supper

27th March: 9.00am:   Parlick Class assembly The Garden of Gethsemane

28th March: 9.00am:   Fairsnape Class assembly The Stations of the Cross

29th March: 9.00am:   Beacon Class assembly The Resurrection of Christ


Holy Thursday-Break up at 1.30pm

Children return for Summer Term on Monday 16th April



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Goosnargh Concert Videos 2018

On Angels Wings

Wade In The Water


Band 2

Choir 3

Glee Club

Glee Club 2

Just when you think you have seen it all, our children amaze us ….again! Click on the links above and you will be able to watch our little stars perform at the Goosnargh Showtime concert. Thank you so much to parents for bringing your children and thank you to everybody who came to support the children and school. We have had so many positive comments about the standard of performances. One member of the public could not believe that our 22 young band children were playing different parts, reading music and playing in time. This is a huge achievement and it is not an easy thing to do at all. Children in the choir had such a beautiful sound and they performed three songs brilliantly. We finished with our Glee club, who left us speechless, in tears and in awe of the perfect timing, drama and song.  I think we all needed reminding that this club had children from Reception Class performing! Thank you to Mr Warren and Mrs Davies for arranging the music and leading such enjoyable and successful clubs. Well done children and thank you for representing our school in such a positive way. Our stars were certainly shining on Sunday!

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Building work newsletter

                                                                                                                                                                30th January 2018

Safeguarding and Remodelling Works at St.Francis’


Dear families and friends of St.Francis’ Catholic Primary School,


We are delighted to announce that our new fencing, to safeguard school, has been completed and we now have a separate area for our children by utilising part of Father’s garden. KS2 children will access the land as an ‘outdoor science centre’ and we have submitted a bid to the Lottery for a rustic outdoor ‘learning pod’ that will seat 20 children.  The EYFS ‘Land of Pure Imagination’ had to be put on hold due to very cold weather but work will be completed over the February half term holiday.


The original planned work to extend the front of school could not be undertaken due to higher costs anticipated and it has been decided that remodelling the entrance from the inside is far more cost effective but with the same impact-to safeguard our children. We have now had confirmation that internal restructuring and refurbishment within school will take place during and after the February half term break. A secure door that will operate from an electronic buzzer system will be installed in our entrance area and Miss Taylor’s office will be relocated into my office. A staff room/waiting area will be created in Miss Taylor’s current office and I will be moving into the current staff room, which will be duplicated as a meeting room. Whilst this work is under way, Miss Taylor and I will be working from the cottage. There is a buzzer and intercom system in there, including a school phone line. You will be able to contact school with any messages, as normal, and you can continue to email bursar@st-francis.lancs.sch.uk with any messages at any time. Miss Taylor will be available at the hall door every morning and at home time daily and I will be on the playground each morning to continue our high level of communication.


As part of the remodelling, the current Year 2 classroom will be extended, providing children with a bespoke new classroom and much greater learning space. Demolition works will be conducted in the February half term and the classroom will match the size of Beacon Class. I am sure you will all agree that this is such a positive move forward for the children. For a few weeks, Mr Gilmour will use the upstairs of our cottage to teach his Year 2 children during the day time and breakfast and after school club will continue as normal in the cottage. Access to breakfast and after school club will no longer be through school after the February half term.  A pathway round to the cottage door will be used for bringing/collecting children to and from breakfast and after school club. This will be well lit and will become the permanent new walkway, instead of walking through school. Please ask Mrs Jackson if you require more information.


As the work will be undertaken during term time, there will be some temporary arrangements made for visitor access to the school buildings through the hall, whilst the existing main entrance is out of bounds. Children will come in through the hall and out of the hall at the beginning and end of each day. Infant children already leave through the hall door but KS2 children will also leave through the hall doors until work is complete.


We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in advance.

Yours sincerely,


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Our Stars Shine Brightly…


I often refer to our children as stars because they shine in everything they do. Even when things are difficult, they sparkle because they always try their very best. One of our governors emailed me to congratulate our league table success as one of the top performing primary schools in the country. I had forgotten about this because we are so used to our natural  ‘sparkle’ at St.Francis’ that we sometimes take it for granted that we do well. Results can change year on year and different circumstances affect score boards but I do know that our children are very talented and kind individuals and our staff are highly skilled and dedicated. This week, we won £100 and were presented with a cheque from Furness Building Society on behalf of OJ’s charity. Some of our children filled Smartie tubes with money and we found out that we raised the most out of all other primary schools. Our head girl, Libby, had promoted this throughout school and we thank her very much.Following or huge gymnastics success last week, I couldn’t believe that our ‘small’ school had managed another win. Whatever we do, we do well because we do it wholeheartedly and that it what always makes the difference.


I have had a lovely week being with the children and watching them thrive in a variety of lessons and curricular activities. We have some very small Judo experts, fencing naturals and even more musicians joining the band. I can’t wait for the Goosnargh concert on Sunday 4th February. This is going to be our biggest yet because we have so many children involved. Mrs Davies is going to be there with her Glee Club and Mr Warren will be coming to lead the school band and choir.  Come along if you can and bring your families and friends to support our children. I took a couple of pictures around school and I think they speak volumes about the happiness and sheer joy that exists in and around our school. I do love walking around (that isn’t all I do) and getting involves in activities. I have lost count of how many children have visited my office to wow me with their work and I can see such a positive work ethic in all classrooms. Digging around in mud when you are 2,3 and 4 years old is absolutely what it is all about. Digging in mud is a very technical skill that is not to be underestimated. For little people, it is a time when friendships are forged and problems are solved. Many concepts are involved and much joy is had. A small world castle filled with giant puppets and writing frames develops vocabulary and sparks imagination. A simple book creates laughter and opens worlds of learning and runaway chickens cause unrest! Our gymnastics teams gave us a demonstration in assembly and they were amazing! Well done for such confidence and wonderful skill!


National story telling week begins next week and the infants are going to visit a castle-some will be going on their first ever school trip!


Have a lovely weekend.

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We have made a great start to our Spring term. In a huge event, at the City of Preston Gymnastics Centre, close to 200 gymnasts were present, with the competition lasted close to six hours, with some of the biggest schools in Preston taking part. St Francis were represented by two girl teams and one boy team (made up of Amy Peacock, Gracie Holden, Katrina Grixti and Maggie Luke – as the first team. Grace Davies, Lizzy Moran, Libby Riley and Kitty Rossall as the second team. Liam Hamer,  Leo Briggs, Frankie Rossall and Felix Spinks as the boys team.) The children had spent the last two weeks preparing their routines, in school and and at home.  Our girls first team, came first overall, out of 32 teams, made up of 128 individual girls. Making St Francis, the Preston Schools Gymnastics Girls CHAMPIONS! Amy Peacock,  won the individual award, as the most outstanding gymnast in the girls category. Gracie, came 4th overall with an incredible routine.  The boys team, made up of two children who are new to gymnastics, came third overall, out of 16 teams; an incredible achievement.Frankie and Leo finished 5th and 6th respectively, just missing out on the medals.

We are very proud – well done children! You can see how professional they came across from the pictures below. Thank you very much Miss Stewart, Mr Gilmour and parents for preparing the children so well. Not only did they perform really well, they had a great day out also.


In other news, new topics have sparked new inspiration and there seems to be a theme of bones and wildlife running throughout school. Our Wednesday animal welfare group found two mice in the greenhouse and this triggered a lengthy rescue mission. It seems that the wooden planting area was causing little birds to become trapped and unable to fly out. The remains were taken to Fairsnape class to be investigated and we removed the bench so this wouldn’t happen again.

We are busily preparing to perform at ‘Showtime’ on 4th February. Please note that the concert time has changed and it will begin at 1.00pm. Our band, choir and Glee club are all performing and you are all welcome to come and enjoy a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.


I have had so many children coming to show me their wonderful work that I have had to order more exciting prizes and praise rewards. It really is a highlight of every day to see such a wide variety of work. Children in every class amaze me and I can see how much pride they take in their achievements. Fencing has started in Beacon class,  children are enjoying Judo, owl pellets are bringing the curriculum to life and Pendle class are flourishing. The big bird watch continues in Parlick class and our outside area is coming along slowly but surely. The cold weather is still preventing the area to be finished but that cannot be helped at the moment. Work will begin again when it is possible.

Have a lovely weekend.


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