What do parents and children think?


“I love it here! We get to do really fun things like writing and rugby. I like marking my work with my friend and getting better at work together.” (Year 6)

“CAFOD Club is one of my favourite things because we take the minutes and plan lots of fundraising activities. We are really responsible.”

“I like being a buddy to the Reception children. I’m helping them learn to read.” (Year 5)

“At lunchtime, I like to play chess at chess club and running the Fairtrade stall.” (Year 4)

“Everyone is really friendly. I love my class and we do lots of fun things-we ate space food this week!” (Year 3)

“I like exciting writing best but I’m really good at maths too. I like it all really.” (Year 2)

“I like tennis lessons and being with my friends.” (Year 1)

“It’s my lovely lovely big school. I’m in the Nativity. I like to sing.” (Reception)

“This is the best place on earth!” (Year 1 child)

“Wow. That was such a great lesson!”( Year 4 child after a Decimal place lesson)


“Since starting St.Francis’ my child has been so happy. Thank you all. This is such a special place.”

“I am in awe of how all staff in the school keep so enthusiastic. I can tell that everyone in school loves their job and the children know it too, that’s why they love coming here.”

“The children are superb in church. We love coming to Family Mass. There is such enthusiasm and spirit. Thank you.”

“St.Francis’ is a place of warmth and nurture. Every child is counted and cared for equally and we couldn’t be more over the moon with the progress both children are making here.”

“What an amazing place. I can’t believe just how much the children do here. I wanted to go round all classes but the time flew and I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t get chance”(parent joining in with child’s learning at open afternoon)

“There is something for all children here. The children are so lucky to have such an amazing staff team. You are all absolutely incredible.”

“I can’t wait for my youngest child to start. The school displays are such a celebration of the individual child and it looks like brilliant fun.”

“I love the way the upper juniors have the same amount of creativity as the rest of the school. They love learning and can’t wait to talk about science experiments and history. There is a real balance of subjects and the children really get stuck in!”