A Christmas Fayre,Family Mass and Carol Service Thank You

I always feel very privileged to be a part of the St.Francis’ family. The ‘family’ I often speak about includes many different people. Our parents continuously support our school and I give thanks for their generous donations, especially when we collect for school events. Thank you to all who contributed towards the success of our Christmas Fayre. PTFA raised a staggering £595.00 and , through a team effort, we are now is close sight of our outdoor amphitheater being built in the new year. Our parish stalls raised £160.00. Thank you to all who helped and thank you to our imaginative children and staff, who spent a great amount of time creating beautiful gifts to sell. The children’s watercolour cards were gorgeous. I thank Santa, who also managed to come on Sunday, despite being so busy  this time of year! Whilst Santa arrived on his sleigh, I also arrived in my usual style that involved stopping on the road and herding approximately 40 sheep off Horns Lane and into a lane, which I presumed was the lane that led to their farm. I do apologise if this was the wrong lane and you were greeted by a herd of rather large sheep running in your direction-they did seem to know their way back home!

I often find myself awestruck at St.Francis’ and last night was no exception. I was already awestruck by our children playing and singing at Family Mass (which must have been our busiest yet-thank you so much for coming in the freezing weather) and I really thought that it couldn’t get any better than that. Last night, our KS2 Carol Service was incredibly moving and I have never heard singing to such a high standard in my life! I think it was the enthusiasm of every single child that really moved me. At this time of year, love, charity and harmony are the thoughts and feelings at the forefront of our minds. We have been preparing for Jesus throughout Advent and the carol service last night was a perfect way in which to reflect upon preparing ourselves for the birth of Jesus. Jesus came to show us how to love and how to make the world a better place. Our children are active signs of this and they have highlighted what is means to work together in harmony. We are very lucky to have such a strong network of loving and caring people at St.Francis’ to care for each other and for our children. Our children sang beautifully at the CAFOD Advent Service with our family of schools and we look forward to next Tuesday when our infants delight us all with their Nativity ‘Born in a Barn’.

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