A big truck for a small(ish) dinosaur!

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Yesterday, work began in our exciting EYFS and infant outdoor classroom. I cannot describe how thrilled I am that work is underway. Obviously,  my ‘project manager’ role means that I am highly integral to the whole process-and highly nosey too! Even deliveries of treated soil for our sleeping dinosaur mud pit area must be overseen! Here I am playing a vital role in the soil delivery. The area will be unrecognisable soon. A timber fence will be erected next week and the whole project will completed by Christmas. A rill and rickety bridge are being created, mud pit with natural grass hill dinosaur, bird hide and nature area, imagination door way and land of imagination with wire spool small worlds, reading garden and teepee, sand pit, natural outdoor art studio, bamboo screens and much more. We can’t wait. I will keep you updated with pictures as work progresses.

I have contacted the highways agency, again, to ask that our roads are gritted and PC Banks is helping us in our efforts. Please be careful when driving along the lanes. We are trying our best to be put on the priority list.

There are so many wonderful things going on in school. I love the creativity of our staff. I can safely say that I have never seen angles being taught through ‘dabbing’ before but it really works! Quality active learning+love+ enthusiasm= happy children.

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