Working with other schools and the community.

French Cafe


A lovely afternoon with friends and families as they were invited in to Mrs Blair’s French UFA group.

Lady Melana

We had a visit, through one of our contacts, who came to tell us her incredible story of evacuation and survival. Have a look at Beacon Class webpage to find out more..


Singing at Bushell House Care Home

Our wonderful Year 5 class made us very proud as they brought some Christmas cheer to the residents at one of our local rest homes. We sang a huge repertoire, which brought great smiles. We look forward to going back for Christmas 2017.


Goosnargh Whitsuntide Selection Spectacular!

On Sunday, children from our choir and band performed at Goosnargh Village Hall for the Festival Queen Selection Show. The band performed ‘This Little Light of Mine’ with Grace doing a solo, complete with recorders, flutes, bongos and a trumpet! The choir followed with a beautiful rendition of ‘When you Believe’, with Tallulah doing a stunning solo. We are very proud of our musicians and as always, they behaved impeccably.


IMG_3236 IMG_3237 IMG_3240 IMG_3241 IMG_3242

This year, we have had great fun attending and participating in the Goosnargh Festival (of which our Star Wars float came third!), Longridge Field day, Longridge Show and the Grimsargh Field Day. We had a St.Francis’ stall at all of these events and it was wonderful to talk to the community about our school. We enjoyed singing and playing in the school band at the Goosnargh Festival Day and we join in with all community events as possible. We thank all of  our parents and families who support school at these events. We even have our two year olds distributing leaflets!


Community Care UFA group begins


Making new friends as we invite our small school Catholic Cluster



Summer Social BBQ

Thank you very much again to our PTFA. The Summer Social was wonderful. It was great to see so many parents, carers, families and the community at our school. It was a pleasure to meet Jeff the goat and the children had so much fun looking after him!


At.St.Francis,’ we love to work with other schools and the community. We have visitors from other countries who come to experience schooling in England and we have strong links with local schools and small Catholic schools of similar size. We support each other by sharing staff training, coaching staff from other schools and sharing skills and expertise. The children visit other schools and schools visit us. Recently, Year 4 linked with other chldren in Year 4 from our Catholic schools cluster and went to Great Eccleston Scout Hut for a day of Year of Mercy education. Beacon class are going to visit Queen’s Drive school and are going to a Sikh Temple for the day. We work closely with our high schools and regularly attend sporting events, drama events and workshops. The French lessons were very popular and we are soon taking part in a maths challenge. Goosnargh and Whittingham Festival day will be wonderful as we collaborate with the community and enjoy our Star Wars float. Parents of our school have been busy creating the float and we look forward to the Mayor of Preston opening our Pre-School. We regularly fundraise for local and global charities as part of our service to others and we invite our local rest home residents to come to our coffee morning concerts.


St. Cecilia’s Battle Of The Bands…

Year 5 visited St. Cecillias to watch their talent show. It was fantastic to see such amazing talent. It was also amazing to see so many of our past pupils in the show. Their confidence has grown and it was wonderful to see how far they had come. Very inspirational!

IMG_1522 IMG_1521 IMG_1519

The police working alongside us


The Queen’s 90th Birthday Street Party

We welcomed all to join us for our street party and it was a beautiful day to get together. Children ate their lunch outside with visitors and it was a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.



Thank you to all who came to our Fairtrade Coffee Morning Concert. The children who performed were incredible. We will be inviting Headteachers and staff from other school to our ‘Music Showcase’evening, which be be at the end of Summer Term. Once again, you are all welcome to come.Here are some pictures below.


What a wonderful day we have had today! Our school band and choir performed many pieces at the Goosnargh Festival Concert. We played alongside other artists, schools and Preston College. The Mayor was there and was incredibly impressed by the musical excellence our children displayed. The children were a credit to us and their excellent  behaviour was commented upon many times. I am so proud of them all. Please see our video below. We look forward to being in the paper again so keep looking for the article!

Please click on the music notes to see our band perform.

Please click, to see our band perform.

Goosnargh Festival

IMG_1179 IMG_1180 IMG_1181 IMG_1182 IMG_1185 IMG_3903 IMG_3906 IMG_3912

Longridge High School

Year 5 spent a morning at Longridge High School having a taster session. They made a fantastic impression and really enjoyed taking part in the lessons planned. The subjects sampled were, French, ICT, Sports, and Science. They even made some scones in the cookery department.

IMG_0957 - Copy
We impressed Mr Connell with our French skills.
IMG_0972 - Copy
We used a Serif Animation program to make our own animations.
IMG_1021 - Copy
We experimented with acids and alkalis. We added universal indicator to common house hold substances, in a dimple tray, so test whether they were acid, alkalis or neutral. We really enjoyed being scientists.
We made Pin Wheel Scones in a cookery lesson. They were delicious.
IMG_0993 - Copy
We had an inclusive basket ball lesson. They children were fantastic and they did really well.

IMG_0959 IMG_0962 - Copy IMG_0964 - Copy IMG_0968 - Copy IMG_0975 - Copy IMG_0979 - Copy IMG_0992 - Copy IMG_0996 - Copy IMG_1001 - Copy IMG_1004 - Copy IMG_1010 - Copy IMG_1012 - Copy IMG_1015 - Copy IMG_1016 - Copy IMG_1017 - Copy IMG_1018 - Copy IMG_1019 - Copy IMG_1048 IMG_1049 IMG_1051 IMG_1053




We had such a brilliant time working with Myerscough College a couple of weeks ago. The students came to our school for an afternoon to coach football with Fairsnape and Beacon classes. The students from the college were so professional in their approach with our children that they will certainly be welcome visitors to our school in the future. Take a look at how much fun we had …

Misc pics Mrs Kerr 131 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 130 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 129 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 128 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 122 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 123 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 124 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 125 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 126 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 127 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 114 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 115 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 104 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 116 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 105 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 117 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 106 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 103 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 107 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 118 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 119 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 108 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 120 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 109 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 121 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 110 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 111 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 112 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 113 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 101 Misc pics Mrs Kerr 100


Our year 6 were invited to Longridge High School for ‘SAFETY TOWN’ … We had talks from the police and fire department. There was demonstrations and we also looked at alcohol awareness, bus safety and internet safety.

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