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New Lunchtime Clubs

Our new lunchtime clubs are up and running and are proving a huge success! Children from Beacon class have organised and are running the clubs, they are doing a fantastic job.

Chess club…

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Colouring club…

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Construction club…

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Book club…

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Dance club…

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Cricket and Judo are due to begin soon. Cross country training begins later this half term and gymnastics club will also begin. ‘Wake up, shake up!’ is led by children on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Clubs and extra curricular activities we offer:

Monday:  Tennis before school         Table tennis after school

Tuesday: Change for life led by Tallulah and Jessica (Year 5) at lunchtime

Diddy Dribblers after school for infants        Fencing for Fairsnape this half term

Wednesday: Football and Netball after school     Chess Club at lunch time         Swimming for Beacon  this half term

Thursday: Mini Dodgeball for infants    Choir at lunch time

Friday:       Dodgeball for juniors      Band for infants and juniors at lunch time led by Mrs Kelly     Music lessons with Mrs Kelly throughout the morning -brass/woodwind/piano/percussion   Change for life led by Tallulah and Jessica (Year 5) at lunchtime

Additional activities run by children:

Chess Club-daily led by Ms Stewart and run by the children for the children.

Colouring Club– Monday lunch time-led by junior children for the infants.

School Council-meeting every fortnight.

Fairtrade stall-every Friday breaktime-led by Year 5 and 4.

Various sports clubs-led by sports captains and Year 6 children.

Buddies-daily-led by Year 5 and timetabling organised by Ellie Moran (Year 5 pupil).

Eco Warriers-mixed age children.

St. Francis’ Netball team


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Diddy Dribblers

Diddy Dribblers

We have started out Diddy Dribblers football coaching in Key stage 1. We had a great start, and the children learned about dribbling, ball control and played lots of games too. The children were, of course, fantastic. Have a look at the photos  below…

(Any further interest please see Miss Taylor in the office.)

We are entering the final week of our first session with Diddy Dribblers. We have been learning ball skills and playing games and we have been playing mini matches too. The children have come along way in a short time. If you too would like to join this wonderful club for reception and key stage 1 children pleasee see Mrs Taylor in the office.


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St. Francis Junior Football Team


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Junior Dodge Ball…. key stage 2 children took part in our new dodge ball club! 

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St. Francis’ Table Tennis Club

Over half the children from Key Stage 2 took part in St Francis’ first ever ‘Table Tennis’ club. The children really enjoyed learning new skills and using the new equipment. Check out the pictures…

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St. Francis’ Band and Choir

Some of our school band played in the Advent service in church. Children from Reception class can be in the choir and band and all musicians have a wonderful time.

Please click on the links below to see our band in action.

Band Practise 1 video

Band Practise 2 video

Band Practise 3 video


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St. Francis’ Chess Club

Our chess club is run by 3 of our year 5/6 children. The group is growing and we have some very competitive chess players. We are going to research tournaments and organise a tournament within school.

The children have made a great start to our school tornament…