Too many musicians?

If there has ever been such a thing as a great problem then here it is!

I love Fridays because I come into school hearing music. This ranges from Year 2 children playing the piano to the trombone and it was only really today that I realised that children from Year 1 are already budding musicians. This has caused a wonderful problem and it seems that we now have to open yet another club! Not only will choir be open to Year 2 children, but we will now be starting an infant band! The infant band will begin after half term and the junior band will run separately -until we perform together for concerts! We will be inviting you in for a ‘Coffee morning Bingo Concert’ after the half term so we can entertain you with our talents.

The after school clubs are truly a success and the children (and staff) couldn’t be more enthusiastic.

I walked into Beacon class and quickly came out. This was due to the intense space suit creations going on inside the classroom and I soon found myself with little knowledge on the subject in comparison to the children! Fairsnape have continued their ‘Rock n Roll’ dance lessons and Reception class are making incredible progress in all aspects of the curriculum. Parlick joined our class yesterday and they were so imaginative in their writing. Star Wars was never my thing but I think I may have been converted!

A great week. Please come to watch us sing and play in the Goosnargh Festival Concert this Sunday at 2.00pm.