The Queen’s 90th, Pre-School, KS1 tests and everything in between!


What a wonderful celebration we had yesterday for the Queen’s 90th birthday. We held a ‘street party’ on the playground and welcomed our new starters and community in to join us. When I fetched the CD player to put on some gentle background music, I realised that I couldn’t find anything for the occasion so Mrs McDade came to the rescue. She came back from her car, with what I thought would be something to save the day. Well…’ Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and an ‘Adam and the Ants’ medley wasn’t quite what I had in mind!

As Bananarama wasn’t on the ’80s Classics’ we decided to carry on and what a wonderful time we all had together. Can started the celebration playing ‘God Save the Queen’ on his trumpet and what a sense of unity we all felt. Thank you to all who came. You are always most welcome.

You may have seen the news that the KS1 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test has been cancelled due to the spelling test being published on practice papers. This is my understanding but I await confirmation from the Local Authority. I will keep you all informed.

I am delighted to tell you that our governors have agreed that our Pre-School should go ahead and I will now finalise this process by informing the DfE and Diocese. You can contact school to book a place for your child. We will have play and stay sessions for our new starters and also for our pre-school children after the half term so the transition is a natural process. Thank you to all of you who have offered continued support in this. I appreciate it greatly.

I like to run a tidy school with everything in its place. When I saw plastic bags sellotaped to windows, I did wonder what was going on! Mrs Kerr and Fairsnape class had been busy exploring the water cycle and I was stunned to see some incredible learning logs based on ‘states of matter.’ In keeping with exciting science experiments, Beacon class have won seeds that have been in space with Tim Peak and they spent yesterday planting them. IMG_0919

Cricket has started in school and we are reviewing after school clubs to offer a different variety of experiences.

The chicks have come home with me for the weekend and we started our ‘chick welfare’ UFA group today. I can’t wait for them to be kept outside for all to see and look after. 1461346650940

We look forward to our Spring Social tomorrow evening and I thank the PTA for the work they undertake for school. They hold many meetings and all events demand such organisation. I have ordered a notice board to be put on our school wall and our PTA will have their own section to inform you about upcoming events etc. I am sure they are busily setting up for tomorrow’s event at Barton Grange as I write this blog.

Again, my many thanks to all of you for making our school what it is.

Have a lovely weekend.