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Well Done Swimming Team! 

Congratulations to all swimmers, who came an overall third in the competition. Well done to Ellie and Gracie who won their races!





Steph Slater’s visit to the school before Christmas, hit the headlines in the local news – as she was awarded an MBE by the Queen. Congratulations Steph, very well deserved!




Steph Slater joined Mr Gilmour at this morning’s assembly to give out swimming certificates to Year 3. The children went swimming last term, all of them showing great development in learning how to swim. All the children received their certificates in assembly. They were extremely lucky to receive their them from a GOLD medalist from the Rio Paralympic Games. We thank Steph for inspiring the children – teaching them to never give up – even when it gets tough. A big thank you to Mrs Riley and Libby Riley who invited Steph in to meet the school, She met each class and got a small tour courtesy of Preston Swimmer, Year 6 pupil, Ellie Moran. You are welcome back any time!

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A host of schools gathered at the Preston Guild to take part in a grand athletics competition. St Francis were represented by Sports Captain, Millie and Richie, along with children from Beacon Class; Millie, Ruby, Kaitlyn, Luke, James, Jimmy and Henry. They competed in a range of relay and field events in the small schools section. Overall the children finished 4th in a highly competitive section. The children spent time on Wednesday afternoon training with Mr Gilmour and creating their team flags to represent Finland. They represented their school and themselves superbly. What a fantastic group of children we have.

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77% of the school take part in after school activities. Judo had an amazing 21 children (nearly one-third of the school) at 8:00am Tuesday morning. Six of the children moved onto their red belt, after taking part in Judo last year. Again, we see an incredible turn out for sport at St Francis.

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75% of the school take part in a sports extra-curricular club! Astonishing.

The breakfast and after school clubs are beginning to get up and running. The focus this year was to get as many young people as active as possible, whilst enjoying sport and having fun. In an attempt to put on something for everyone, we have  6 sport activities over  the 5 days of the week!!!

Monday – Table Tennis   KS1&2

Tuesday – Diddy Dribblers KS1 and Netball KS2

Wednesday – Multi-Sports KS1&2

Thursday – Fencing KS1&2

Friday – Football KS2

Coming in November is a JUDO breakfast club before school. Following the feedback from the children, they were desperate to develop their judo skills, following taking part in Judo for the first time last year. Watch this space…



Sport, fitness, health and well-being are at the forefront of life at St Francis. Following the success of Fencing in Year 3&4 last year, Fencing club has come to our first sporting breakfast club! From 8:00 to 8:45 the children take part in learning the art of fencing. With the club open to children from Reception to Year 6, there has been lots of interest. It was very rewarding to see the dedicated children turn up  early to school to take part in sport! Well done.


img_1828 img_1827 img_1826


The Diddy Dribblers are back by popular demand. With new children coming into Reception class, the Diddy Dribbler crew put on a morning full of football activities for the children in Early Years and KS1. The after school club will start on Tuesday 4th October and will run for 5 weeks. The children learn precious coordination, team-work, balance and agility skills that will help them become active sports young people of the future.

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For such a small school – we are very competitive!

Children from Year 4 – Year 6 took part in the annual football tournament at St Lawrence Primary School. Many schools turned up for the vibrant tournament – looking to take a trophy home with them. After winning the tournament last year, the children were confident of progressing to the latter stages of the tournament once again. Led by the inspired Can Doguer (easily the player of the tournament) the children managed to get to the the final – beating Oliverson’s B team in the quarter final – then beating Oliverson’s A team in the semi-final. The final itself was one game too many for our young team. The boys played fantastically well all afternoon – their behaviour and conduct – impeccable as ever. They should be  extremely proud of themselves – you made Mr Gilmour and your parents very proud indeed. Well done!

IMG_7992 IMG_7993

Take a walk on the wild side!

Outdoor Learning

Year 5/6 took to the Millennium to create and complete their own outdoor adventure courses. Armed with washing line, trees and blindfolds – the children were asked to create a course that enabled team work, trust and cooperation. Using their creativity, the children were able to create an array of fantastic courses – even the head teacher and school governors got involved. Well done everyone.

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Judo  – welcomed to St Francis!

After learning the etiquette, dress code and discipline required for the martial art of Judo Year 3-6 were able to get their first taste of this great sport. The Judo teacher was extremely impressed with the behaviour, amplitude and enthusiasm to get involved and try something new. Again, we have again discovered some young talented sports people – an Olympic hero for the future? Who knows…

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Congratulations to Sam, Can, Richie, Ilayda, Millie and Imogen for taking part in a highly competitive cross country event at Archbishop Temple High School. Out of the 80 boys in the boys race, Sam came an incredible 8th! Well done everyone.

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IMG_0433 IMG_0425

Our Change4Life team (Jessica and Tallulah) are running sports events at break times, every Tuesday and Thursday for both children in KS1 and KS2. Having completed their training last month, the girls have been mastering their skills with all the children at St Francis. From relay events to dinosaur tig games, the children are loving the extra games run by Jessica and Tallulah.  It is fantastic to see so many children enjoying sports at St Francis. Having the opportunity not only through the curriculum but before school, at break times and after school,  has created a vibrancy for sport and staying healthy at St Francis. Keep it up and Change4Life.

Click on the link below to download a Change4Life booklet on how to keep healthy.


What a great event!

Here are some pictures from Friday’s Sport Relief day. Our elected Head and Deputy Head Boy and Girl, led the Sport Relief event for 2016. Having researched and discussed activities for Sports Relief, they decided upon: KS2 to run one mile and KS1 to create a conga around the field. Thank you to all of you who sponsored children on their cross country run and giant Conga! The children were sponsored to run one mile, which instead turned out to be a small marathon!  It is fantastic to see healthy children enjoying exercise, especially within our beautiful grounds. The GIANT conga at the end was a heart warming site. Here are just some of the pictures. The children had an amazing time and raised lots of money for a fantastic cause. We feel it is extremely important for children at St Francis to care for others, both in their community and around the world. God created us all equal and we should show our love for each other in all that we do. Well done everyone!



Two Year 5 pupils (Tallulah and Jessica) have been selected to run ‘Change4Life’ sport activities at break times and lunch times in school. The children spend the day at ‘South Ribble Valley Tennis and Fitness Centre to receive specialised training on how to run activities for their peers. Tallulah and Jessica have also decided to link up their sporting activities with healthy eating. The girls will link up with the existing Sports Captains and the fair-trade team to come up with a range of new fair-trade food to sell in school after their Change4Life sessions. Healthy eating and being active in school is an integral part of the Physical Education at St Francis.

Look out for the yellow t-shirts at break time and lunch time, go and have a go and stay healthy!

IMG_6822 IMG_6821







Over 60% of children have signed up to take part in the new Sports After School Clubs! Children love sport at St Francis! To enrich the already extensive curriculum, EVERY night after school, their is an after school sports club. From Dodgeball to Table Tennis, there is something for everyone. 

Please see the link above. If your child would like to join the after school clubs please let us know.








Click here to See the St Francis Sports Home Page on the School Games website.




Athletics Team on coming 2nd in the small school’s competition!

Children from Year 5 and 6 competed in the latest Athletics event at the Preston Guild Hall. From javelin to relay races, the children put in some fantastic performances, they were a credit to the school. They thoroughly enjoyed their day out and brought back another wonderful trophy. Well done!



St Francis School would like to announce a sponsorship deal with local business J HOLDEN LTD, who have kindly donated money for a new football kit and further football equipment – photos to follow.  A big THANK YOU!

Beacon class will be having swimming lessons in the Autumn Term.

Fairsnape class wil be swimming in the Spring Term.

All of Key Stage Two have improved their tennis skills in the Autumn Term, with specialist tennis coaching. KS1 will have the benefit of tennis coaching after Easter.

We enjoy sports and will update on matches and events as the term progresses.