Year of Mercy

Cluster Schools Year of Mercy Liturgy

As we approach the end of the Year of Mercy (although we wll continue to actively support fundraising initiatives) we came together with all of our cluster Primary schools and met at Our Lady’s Catholic High School for a service of reflection, prayer and liturgy to celebrate and acknowledge the differences we have made to the lives of others who need our help. We always enjoy sharing our collaborative eperiences with other schools and learning from each other. Our focus from the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy as a school was Comfort the Sick. Millie and Ellie spoke brilliantly when explaining all of the incredible fundraisers we have undertaken over the past year. They spoke about our Community Action UFA group, Make a Splash concert, carol singing at the local rest home, food bank donations, clothing donations, Macmillan concert and much more. We really to try to serve others and make a difference.

Macmillan Coffee Morning Music Concert raises £200

Well done to all children who performed for our biggest audience yet. The school hall was packed as we entertained in yet another of our coffee morning concerts. Every child in the school performed and there were many instrumentalists playing as part of the school band, individuals or duets. Thank you to all who donated cakes for the sale. Pictures and videos to follow soon!

Comfort the Sick-Children in Need Fundraiser


Thank you for sponsoring your children in our sponsored run-we will confirm how much we raised on Monday.

Feed The Hungry-Harvest donations make a difference to local people.


All of your generous food donations collected for Harvest were taken to a local food back and gratefully received. Thank you!

Year of Mercy Pilgrim Statue visits our school


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This week we welcome to our school a special statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that has been sent to us by Bishop Michael. It’s called the Year of Mercy Pilgrim Statue.It is called a ‘pilgrim statue’ because, like a pilgrim, it is travelling as an act of religious devotion. In this case it is going to visit every school in the area and every school in our diocese of Lancaster. Pope Francis has asked all Catholics throughout the world to have a special celebration to think about how much Jesus loves us, how much we need His forgiveness and to pray for His mercy and compassion.This statue of the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” represents this loving forgiveness of God.

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Christ as King- Jesus is wearing a crown but He said ‘My Kingdom does not belong to this world’ (John18:36). The Three Wise Men looked for the ‘King of the Jews’ and Jesus was arrested and mocked as a Kind when he died. They even made him wear a crown of thorns. Jesus wanted peace and justice in the world and God in all of our hearts.Christ as Priest- He is wearing a seamless robe-the one taken of Him at crucifixion. A priest is the middle person between God and human beings.Christ as prophet- If you look closely, you will see Jesus with a raised hand, which shows him as teacher/prophet. A prophet is a messenger sent by God and a person who speaks on behalf of God.Jesus’ hand is pointing to His heart and you will see golden rays radiating from this area of His heart. These golden rays represent the beauty and power of love at the heart of Christianity — that Jesus loves each one of us with his whole heart and He wants each one of us to experience His love and kindness in our lives. The SACRED HEART is a powerful image for us and reminds us to love others as ourselves.

‘Make a Splash’ Coffee Morning Concert-Give The Thirsty a Drink

What a wonderful day we have had. Children from every class performed in our ‘Make A Splash’ concert. It was wonderful to welcome so many parents and visitors. In total, we raised £110 for Make a Splash appeal. Some children sold plants (kindly donated by Mrs Eastham), cakes and some Year 6 children held a ‘guess the teddy’s name’ competition. Thank you to all who donated cakes-they were delicious. Here are some pictures below.


A visit to Ladyewell


We joined forces with our small schools Catholic cluster to enjoy a visit to Ladyewell. The children took food to give to the less fortunate than ourselves. It was received with thanks.

Clothe the Naked




Feed the Hungry

Thank you to all who donated food to send to Ingol food bank.  School and parish collected and sent many boxes of food. We will continue to collect food throughout the year.

Open Air Mass with our small schools Catholic Cluster

What a wonderful day we had! It began at 9.30am, when six of our cluster schools arrived at St.Francis.’ This year, we hosted, organised and led a day full of workshops, followed by Open Air Mass after lunch.We used as many spaces as we could in school and the children were all mixed up into different groups so they could make lots of new friends. We wrote prayers on stars in The Millennium Walk, drew pictures of our pets or favourite animals using charcoal and laptops, collaged parts of the creation story to take up to our St.Francis icon in Mass, planted seeds to take home, cared for chickens and undertook Laudato Sii activities in The Cottage. Father Smith even arranged for helium balloons to feature in the Mass.

We have spent a lot of time this year reflecting on Pope Francis’ Encyclical and are really linking this with The Year of Mercy as we care for our common home: plants, animals, the environment and each other.

Have a look on our RE webpage more pictures and more information.

The Jubilee Year of Mercy


‘A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just’-Pope Francis

The Year of Mercy started on 8th December and finishes on 20th November. Pope Francis has asked Catholic schools to be involved in a Jubilee Year of Mercy based on the Corporal and Spiritual Acts of Mercy. We will celebrate this throughout the year in our school prayers and liturgies, assemblies and displays and through our strong parish links. We are excited to be reflecting upon this with our Parish and we are working together to deliver our vision for this special time. The children all have a ‘Corporal Acts of Mercy’ booklet and they are able to log specific acts of mercy for themselves, of which they can share with their families. We are linking with our Catholic school cluster to combine efforts and really make a difference to others’ lives by actively ‘doing’ and not just talking about ‘doing.’ Our School Council have met with children in all classes in order to generate their ideas on supporting worthy causes and charities.


‘Moments of Mercy’ footprints, colour coded to link with the liturgical calendar, will start in the entrance hall and ‘journey’ around school. The aim is to see how many times these footprints can travel around the whole school during the year. This is fitting for Lent, as we are going to be ‘Journeying with Jesus’ as a school and parish.

Individual, class or whole school initiatives will be celebrated and described on each footprint. The footprints will highlight acts of kindness within school or in the wider community. We welcome you all to collect a footprint from school to fill in and bring back to share with us all.


We are currently exploring ways in which to give the thirsty a drink. This is one of the Corporal Acts of Mercy we are focusing on at the moment. The school council and children from all classes are going to be fundraising to provide water to the thirsty. We are supporting ‘Make a Splash’ with CAFOD. We will be collecting tinned food throughout Lent to support the parish in their efforts to feed the hungry and a bin bag has been sent home for you to send us unwanted or unused clothing. Click on the picture below to find out more.


Sports Relief 2016

Infants got together for a giant conga! The children all had huge smiles…. so much so that the juniors couldn’t resist joining in. We did a full lap around the school and church in a giant conga line.

The juniors ran 1 mile to raise money for sports relief. They all did a fantastic job and supported each other really well…