PE /Information Screen


We are very excited to have a new outdoor playtime PE resource on our playground.

The screen plays videos/pictures of our children, latest Golden Award winners, school trip pictures and any amazing learning experiences that happen in school. It is an instant celebration resource and informative for you all. Any school concerts and performances will play for you all to watch. It will play informative videos for children and families on E-safety when it is E-safety week and for other special weeks in the Primary school and National calendar-all at a Primary school age related level.

The screen doubles as a parent information tool and an active curriculum tool. The top section displays school messages and reminders and our PTFA will also have information messages for you.

Interactive Dance videos play for all Key Stages at break times. It has ‘wake up shake up’ style videos but it also plays programs that link with all areas of the curriculum. An example of this is Science. A professor pops up to teach the children and, when they know the answer to the interactive quiz, they run to a different area of the playground.

There are many teaching tools on this that are all linked to health and well-being and keeping children active at break times.

A small proportion of our PE Sports funding (which has to be spent on sport, keeping children active and sustaining this) has been used to fund this. We will also be investing in specialist clubs and coaches throughout the year, as we usually do.