Nora Batty

It wasn’t until I sat in my car at 6.00pm on Friday, to go home from school, when I caught sight of my ankles. I had been in Pre-School all day and the amount of times that my tights had been ‘pinged’ around my ankles by little ones had bridged 10. I love ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ and I honestly think Nora Batty would have been proud of my incredibly saggy tights!

On Monday, we had a visitor from CAFOD, who came to give school an award for our work on Laudaute Sii (care for our common home) and we learned all about the lack of power (and opportunities) for children in other parts of the world. We have been welcoming Mr Walker from St.Cecilia’s High School for the last couple of weeks and he has been teaching an ‘Electricity’ topic to our KS2 children. All week, I have had little visits from children showing me their torches and playground rides. They were fabulous! Speaking of opportunities, the trip on Thursday is going to be great and I would like to clarify that it is not free for schools. It does concern me to hear that some parents are upset because we are charging for a free trip. We would not do that and I am sure that you know me well enough now to know that that would never happen. I am sure that this has occurred as a simple misunderstanding but you are welcome to see me to discuss concerns. Alot of planning and risk assessments  have to be done before a trip and we have put alot time into this. Again,  being a small school means we cannot share the workload widely so I am sure you can appreciate our efforts.

I hope you managed to download our new APP. I would like to celebrate the amount of communication we now have with parents as this should be noted. Newsletters are monthly, messages can be sent in learning logs and reading diaries, our website is updated frequently, our new APP is available for all, other letters are sent home, as and when needed, to convey information e.g. dates for your diary and we have our text messaging service. If, at any point, you need information about an event, just give us a call and we can quickly advise for your peace of mind. Matters can be resolved in minutes and we are always happy to answer questions/ explain matters. Please keep speaking to us then you have correct information. It is amazing how information can be discussed and changed in conversations and we wouldn’t want unnecessary upset. Our school is a happy place and we value all opinions. Please speak to your class teacher or myself directly if you have queries- even over the phone if you cannot make it into school. We are here early and until 6.00pm (if not later) but you can always leave an answer phone message and we will get back to you.

Our children were amazing in the Talent Show and I will put some pictures on the website soon. We have had a slight disaster with our  website and Mr Gilmour has taken full blame! Unfortunately, he deleted some past pictures from the media library ( to free up some space ) but it removed pictures from webpages and blogs! It will take a while to put these back on but all will be restored soon. Mr Gilmour drove the bus on the Year 6 trip to Knowsley Safari Park on Friday and it took him 2 hours to return the bus in Preston and go back home. It hasn’t been his most finest week at school because he also had to help clean the field on Monday! Three men came to unblock our drains, after I failed miserably at rodding them myself and the septic tank needs fixing. Contractors also came out to see me about the fuse box and my bank of ‘What I didn’t know but I do know now’ knowledge is ever growing.  Miss Taylor and I investigated  a hole in the tarmac behind church and we had it filled in promptly.  I am going to look forward to tomorrow as the beginning of a brilliant new week and I am leaving my wellies at home in an aim to avoid sticky situations.

We have a visitor from LCC, who is coming to see our exciting writing methods and write an article on our school for our innovative approach. I will keep you posted with that. The article will be in an Educational magazine and will be shared with the county. We have our school in the RE scheme of work ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ and such recognition is wonderful.

The money we raised through PTA events will pay for the Year 6 lunch trip to The Cottage, the transport for the whole school trip and some funds will go towards the outdoor Amphitheatre for all to use in a variety of lessons and activities.

In September, we will share plans with you for you to see what items we are fundraising for. Children have been making potato salad, from our own vegetable patches, making smoothies, torches, rehearsing for the Beacon Class play, some Year 5 and 6 children have been at the Our Lady’s High School math’s challenge and Year 2 have amazed me with their swimming skills. I forgot to mention that I took the Year 2 children swimming on Tuesday. They are learning retrieval and revival skills and they wowed me beyond belief.


A huge thank you to Tracey Coupe for donating the fruit for Pendle Class fruit smoothies. The children had a great time!

Don’t  forget the Summer Social, organised by our PTFA. The Year 6 children have been working on a dance, led by Mrs Blair and there are stalls organised by the children too. Thank you for your support.