Memories for every parent…

As I sit here and write another end of term blog, I think about all of the wonderful things we have already accomplished in such a short space of time. I cannot believe that another term is over and we will return on January 8th to a new Spring Term. The children have continued to amaze us and we are very proud of them all.  I am pleased to tell you all that Infant Nativity song DVDs will be available to buy for £6.00 after the Christmas holidays. These will make a wonderful lasting gifts for your loved ones to cherish forever. We will be selling them to raise money for outdoor resources for our new EYFS and infant area. Due to the very cold weather, work will continue after the Christmas holidays and will be finished within the first fortnight back. We need some round wooden picnic tables, a wooden shed for storage (or even better-a large Wendy house for role-play), an outdoor perspex painting easel, large weighing scales and other outdoor curriculum enhancements. It is all very exciting! We thank you all for your kindness, support and dedication in making our St.Francis’ family so strong. Everything really is about communication and positive relationships. Our Outstanding Section 48 Inspection validated that we are a dedicated, highly skilled and caring staff team. It truly is a blessing to come to our school every day and watch your children love learning and thrive. The relationships between our children are a constant reminder of the values that underpin all aspects of our school. Kindness, thoughtfulness and love between every member of our school community permeates throughout. With our beautiful 2 year olds through to our exemplary Year 6 class, St.Francis’ continues to be a place of warmth and success. I thank all teachers and staff for working tirelessly and all children for always trying their best and being so considerate.

Here are some videos for you to watch until the DVDs are ready for sale. We wish you all a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. Christmas Eve Carols begin at 6.00pm in Church and Mass begins at 6.30pm.

Pre-School Mini Carols Around the Tree and jumper day


IMG_0797 IMG_9373 IMG_9377

Infant Nativity

‘Don’t wake the baby’

‘It’s a long way on a donkey’

‘Don’t worry Mary’

‘Knock, Knock, who’s there’

‘Wake up shepherds’

‘We are camels’

‘A new day dawning’

‘Born in the barn’

‘The finale’

KS2 Carol Service and songs

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We three kings’

‘See him laying on a bed of hay’

‘One bright star’



download (1)download (3)download (2)









Click here for the year 6 nativity 2 song

A song from the year six children for you all to enjoy…


Christmas dinner

IMG_5050 IMG_5054 IMG_5056