Maths Calculation Policy

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Mathematics is an integral part of primary school, where children learn and expand their understanding of a range of objectives, all under the umbrella of ‘Maths.’ At St Francis we are flexible in our approach to support, engage and develop each child’s ability in the subject. As the way maths has been taught has changed through each generation – we are having an after school maths seminar – which will aim to show you how the core teaching of calculations, at each stage of primary school, is taught at St Francis’. See the links below for the Busy Ants Calculations Policy and the Supportive Calculations. We follow the Collins Busy Ants Maths Scheme, as well as using Lancashire’s Maths Scheme. This gives us the overview for the year and supports  the planning, teaching and assessment for each aspect of Maths. Further to this – we use an additional policy (taken from the government funded NCETM)  to support the learning of maths through different means (concrete, abstract and pictorial). This can be used to engage children in a variety of learning styles through the many dimensions of maths. We look forward to welcoming parents on Tuesday 26th September, from 3:30pm. Any questions or queries please do come in to speak to your class teacher.

Busy Ants Maths Policy – BusyAnt_CALC

NCETM Supportive Policy – Calculation policy

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