Lancashire Expo success!

This week has certainly flown by. We have had thick snow, dressing up day and more school publicity. I am not one of the world’s most competent tweeters but it is by utilising the skills of others where we succeed! Today, Mr Gilmore and I spent the day at Preston Guild Hall promoting our school. Other businesses and companies were in awe of our school provision and I came to realise that we soon become used to our surroundings. Having said that, I know that I will never take for granted our beautiful surroundings, children and community. We really are blessed and privileged to be a part of St.Francis’ and I do hope that the positive word continues to spread. Mr Griffiths has been an enormous support to our school team as he continues to promote our school through his incredible range of marketing strategies- I thought our new roller banner was amazing but apparently this is a standard publicity tool! It will be taken everywhere from now on.

I received a very humbling letter today, which was from a parent in support of our Pre-school consultation. I am so proud of all we have achieved together at St.Francis’ in such a short space of time and it is through our openness and working together that we continue to thrive.

Teachers and all staff in school continue to work tirelessly. I must remember to tell them how grateful I am more often. We have a culture in school where we praise each other on a daily basis, as we do with the children, but I realise how quickly the days fly by and sometimes great moments are valued and noted but not celebrated enough. At the EXPO today, there was a ‘team moral booster’ speaker and I started to think about our own school team. He spoke to me about what he could offer our school in boosting our staff team as he usually finds Headteachers ask him to ‘do some work’ on changing school staff mindset. I realised how lucky we are to be such a close team because I do not find any issues that cannot be quickly dealt with and rectified.  Our school atmosphere is wonderful and we still have our buzz of excitement and great joy… thank you to all families, children, staff and our school governors.