Incredible classrooms!

As I walked round school today to look at our environment, I couldn’t help but take some pictures to share with you all. This blog was originally going to be called ‘A pea or a potato?’ because we have been gardening again and tending to our vegetable patch. One of the children asked if we were planting peas or potatoes and I am glad to say we are growing both. A brief discussion about the usefulness of onions then occurred and I am not sure that we came to a conclusion! As I was waiting for assembly in the school hall, I noticed how colourful and full of life the hall looked. I have put some pictures of the new activities in our prayer space and around school. When we break up next Friday, do come in for a classroom tour with your child. School will be ‘open house’ after school and you can see what exciting things have been going on. Your child can show you the learning they have been doing in class and you can chat to your child’s class teacher. It is always a pleasure to see you in school. Have a look on all of the class pages to see what an inspiring curriculum we provide here for our children. What SATs tests don’t measure is how kind your children are, what great artists they may be, whether they will be a deep sea diver and have a great knowledge of sharks, how well they play the trombone in Year 2 or their incredible rugby skills. They don’t tell us everything we know about them and about how precious and thoughtful they are. Your children are unique individuals with their own passions, interests and talents. I am so very proud to say that we delight in finding out about the uniqueness of all of our children and we want them to have the ‘biggest’ education for them to shine.


It has been a very busy week. Most of the children in Beacon Class were confirmed on Tuesday and it was wonderful to welcome Bishop Michael to the parish. It was a spiritually moving service and such an honour to be a part of. We thank Mrs. Rossall, who has been lead catechist in guiding and leading the children in both our First Holy Communion and Confirmation programme. Congratulations to all children who were confirmed as you embark further on your faith journey. Yesterday, Year 6 children went to Ladyewell and joined forces with other Year 6 children from local schools. The children represented school brilliantly and were a credit to us all. Their excellent behaviour and reverence was commented upon by other school staff. Well done children!

We look forward to Sunday, when seven of our Fairsnape Class will be receiving First Holy Communion. You are all welcome to come and celebrate this very special occasion at 9.30am Mass and refreshments in the school hall following the service.

I have sent home a revised ‘dates for diary’ list and we look forward to our last half term of the school year. There are many wonderful things going on including another ‘Coffee Morning Concert’ and ‘St.Francis’ Has Talent.’ The children and staff can’t wait. Children from all classes will be going on school trips and the Mayor of Preston will be opening our Pre-School on Monday 18th July at 10.00am. Everyone is welcome to come along for this very special event.

Please do join us for our May Procession starting from the school hall next Wednesday at 2.00pm.

Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend.