Floorbooks, NASA and cardboard boxes everywhere!

In Reception class, we have continued our planning meetings and have created floorbooks. We put samples of our work in the books and examples of our planning meetings to show how our learning progresses throughout a topic/theme. These are usually led by the children and keep our excitement alive.



How many things can we do with a cardboard box? In seems that two classes today could not have functioned properly without at least 20 cardboards boxes. I caught sight of children wearing spacesuits (pictures on Beacon class area soon) who were processing into Pendle class where Parlick were also busily working away. If that wasn’t enough, Mrs Kerr came to show me Stonehenge and a very tall set of ladders! As maths is all around, so is Mrs Kerr with her never ending supply of resources!

Linda and Mandy, our exceptional school cleaners, were less impressed on Friday but I suppose when we see work in progress it can sometimes look like a cluttered mess!

We have now seen the creative finished products and what laughter has taken place in school today. The children continue to work together so well and they always give their best. I thank all staff for providing such rich, diverse and incredible learning opportunities for all children.