We are amazed at how quickly our school has blossomed into a musical school.  Our children are so talented that we have now had to create another school band for the infants. Children in year 1 and 2 are playing the recorder, piano, trumpet and trombone and the speed in which they learn to read musical notation is staggering to witness. Our school band recently performed at the ‘Festival Concert’ and I am delighted that we were once again in the papers!

Every assembly, individual soloists perform and we regularly hear children singing and playing instruments around school, initiated by the children.


Our school choir will be open to Year 2 children after half term and we can’t wait to extend our repertoire. We will soon be performing a music showcase at our ‘Coffee Morning Concert’ and can’t wait for our talent show in Summer Term. We all have our own individual gifts and talents and if any of you should wish to join school band, choir or begin music lessons just contact school. Our children prepare new pieces to perform for our Family Masses and we are delighted to be a singing school.

Have a look under clubs to find recordings of our musicians or click on the pictures on the homepage to see our latest concert.

In every year group, music is embedded into the curriculum and is progressive throughout school. Fairsnape have just undertaken a Rock n Roll topic and have experienced music lessons holistically within the curriculum- where it make’s sense to our children and leads to so much enjoyment.

Music Express is used in EYFS to begin, secure and develop a love and confidence of music and to give children the key skills on which they can build in the following year groups.