Building work newsletter

                                                                                                                                                                30th January 2018

Safeguarding and Remodelling Works at St.Francis’


Dear families and friends of St.Francis’ Catholic Primary School,


We are delighted to announce that our new fencing, to safeguard school, has been completed and we now have a separate area for our children by utilising part of Father’s garden. KS2 children will access the land as an ‘outdoor science centre’ and we have submitted a bid to the Lottery for a rustic outdoor ‘learning pod’ that will seat 20 children.  The EYFS ‘Land of Pure Imagination’ had to be put on hold due to very cold weather but work will be completed over the February half term holiday.


The original planned work to extend the front of school could not be undertaken due to higher costs anticipated and it has been decided that remodelling the entrance from the inside is far more cost effective but with the same impact-to safeguard our children. We have now had confirmation that internal restructuring and refurbishment within school will take place during and after the February half term break. A secure door that will operate from an electronic buzzer system will be installed in our entrance area and Miss Taylor’s office will be relocated into my office. A staff room/waiting area will be created in Miss Taylor’s current office and I will be moving into the current staff room, which will be duplicated as a meeting room. Whilst this work is under way, Miss Taylor and I will be working from the cottage. There is a buzzer and intercom system in there, including a school phone line. You will be able to contact school with any messages, as normal, and you can continue to email with any messages at any time. Miss Taylor will be available at the hall door every morning and at home time daily and I will be on the playground each morning to continue our high level of communication.


As part of the remodelling, the current Year 2 classroom will be extended, providing children with a bespoke new classroom and much greater learning space. Demolition works will be conducted in the February half term and the classroom will match the size of Beacon Class. I am sure you will all agree that this is such a positive move forward for the children. For a few weeks, Mr Gilmour will use the upstairs of our cottage to teach his Year 2 children during the day time and breakfast and after school club will continue as normal in the cottage. Access to breakfast and after school club will no longer be through school after the February half term.  A pathway round to the cottage door will be used for bringing/collecting children to and from breakfast and after school club. This will be well lit and will become the permanent new walkway, instead of walking through school. Please ask Mrs Jackson if you require more information.


As the work will be undertaken during term time, there will be some temporary arrangements made for visitor access to the school buildings through the hall, whilst the existing main entrance is out of bounds. Children will come in through the hall and out of the hall at the beginning and end of each day. Infant children already leave through the hall door but KS2 children will also leave through the hall doors until work is complete.


We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in advance.

Yours sincerely,